July 28, 2021


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Next CS:GO Major to be set for Stockholm


Counter-Strike:The first major since 2019 of the Global Offensive is booked. At least for now. PGL has announced that in Stockholm, Sweden, it will host the next CS:GO major. 


Scheduled to take place between 23 October and 7 November

The event is currently scheduled to take place between 23 October and 7 November and will feature a prize pool of $2 million.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is coming home this year, where it all started in November 2013, when the first ever CS:GO Major was held in Sweden. PGL MAJOR STOCKHOLM 2021 will be the third major in Sweden, and the first in Stockholm, respectively. 

The main event of the 16th CSGO Major will take place in front of a live audience at the Ericsson Globe from 4-7 November, PGL announced in a statement.

PGL noted that this is contingent on the possibility of logistically coming together, which will only be certain to be closer to the date of the event. Having said that, this is welcome news for fans of CSGO worldwide. 

The StarLadder Berlin Major, held in 2019, was the last CS:GO Major. This was meant to be followed in May 2020 by the ESL One Rio Major in Brazil, but the event was inevitably scrapped. To keep top teams active and determine the participants for when live competitions can return, online “regional major” events were announced.

The last major of the CS:GO was the StarLadder Berlin Major, which took place in 2019. This was meant to be followed by the ESL One Rio Major in Brazil in May 2020, but the event was eventually overturned. 

Online “regional major” events have been announced in order to keep the top teams active and determine the participants when live competitions can return.

Although it seemed for a long time that the next CS:GO major would still be hosted by the ESL, the plan clearly changed. Worth mentioning is the fact that the event will be hosted by PGL, the company that has run Dota 2 at The International in recent years. 

It will also be hosted in the same destination as The International 10, which is scheduled to take place in August 2021.

Where is the next CSGO major happening? – Stockholm

The next major CS:GO is scheduled to take place in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the first time that the CSGO Major will be held in Stockholm and the first time it will happen since the DreamHack Winter Major in Jonkoping in 2014.

Who is competing in the next CS:GO major?

The competitors in the PGL Stockholm Maor have not yet been identified, but are likely to be based on the Regional Major Rankings system introduced in 2020. 

The RMR shall be determined by a circuit of regional online tournaments. Teams are awarded points for their performance in these tournaments, with deductions based on changes in the roster made over time.

Each region has a number of major locations, ranging from 11 for Europe to one for Oceania. The highest-ranking teams from each region receive invitations to the Major.

There have been between three and four events for each region, although it is unclear how many more may have taken place before the Stockholm Major PGL takes place.