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Nier Replicant Guide – Beginner’s Tips That You Might Want To Know

Nier Replicant

Nier Replicant

Square Enix’s copy of Nier Replicant has just been released, offering players a hybrid remake/remake of the original Nier from 2010. However, this time around, we get to immerse ourselves in a younger version of the main character. not Papa Nier but Western players. received last time.

Use Orders to Control Allies

Nier Replicant

An often overlooked feature is the “Orders” function, this can be accessed from your main menu and can be used on animals and allies.

While in the field, using this on animals will cause the wild animals to run towards you, which is extremely useful when killing 100 sheep for the title of “The Sheep Whisperer”. Also, once you’ve got a boar mount, using the animal call will make it spawn next to you.

You can also use this function to control what your allies do in battle, whether they’re going all out, on the defensive, or targeting whatever you’re attacking.

Buy Maps In Every Town – Nier Replicant

You will be automatically given some maps as part of the storyline, but be sure to pick up any other maps you need from different vendors in different towns to help explore the game. a lot easier.

Map vendors are always marked on the map with a small potion icon and will provide a map of the current area/neighborhoods.

Cultivating Plants 

Planting trees is an important part of Nier Replicant as it is one of the best ways to generate gold. This is also the only way to get the Tears flower and the “Legendary Gardener” achievement/title that comes with it.

However, growing plants and vegetables in the small plot of land next to your house uses real-world time, so it’s not the fastest process. You can change your system settings somewhat to speed up the process, but it’s not as easy to do as it was in the original version of the game. To get the most out of your gardening, make sure you always have plants growing.

Download the Free DLC

Nier Replicant

Everyone loves free software, and luckily for Nier Replicant fans, Square Enix is ​​offering some free DLC in the form of a “4 Yorha” weapon and outfit pack.

This DLC allows you to dress up the main character (both child and adult versions) as Yorha Type S, while Kaine can dress up as Yorha Type B or Yorha Type A. The weapons in the DLC are not just simple. Simply cosmetic that can be used completely.

Kill Everything – Nier Replicant

Nier Replicant

Killing all the nuances and enemies (including more docile animals like goats, sheep, and deer) is also important in gathering materials. You’ll need their dropped items in the long run for quests and upgrades anyway, so as you travel around, make sure you destroy everything in your path.

This is also very important to upgrade and learn words. Since there are many prizes attached to completing quests, upgrading weapons, and collecting words, if you want to complete the whole game, we recommend doing some general farming at the start.