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Ninja Gaiden Master Collection – Tips For For Sigma’s Combat

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

The Ninja Gaiden Master Collection is an incredible bundle of games that allows fans of the classic game series to relive the experience of playing the earliest games. These games dominated the ’90s and hack-and-slash genres. Lots of Modern Slasher Games Most players are familiar with today were influenced in one form or another by this popular franchise.

Master Combos

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection 2

Since the Ninja Gaiden games are associated with the hack-and-slash genre, it’s easy for most players to simply approach this game with a button-mashing strategy. However, if players want to succeed in Ninja Gaiden Master Collection, their fighting style needs to be a bit more comprehensive than that.

Players should learn the game’s different attack variations such as light, heavy, and aerial attacks. They should be familiar with the different combos. This allows the player to fight with more grace, rather than simply tackling the attack button.

The Reverse Wind – Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

ninja 1

A very useful maneuver in these games every player should know and Master is the headwind technique. This move is very simple. While dodging, the player can push stick motion in any direction to flip or dodge that trajectory.

Although this technique can sound basic, it is one of the most important techniques that players should learn to use with skill. It’s not only useful in dodging, but also useful in closing in distance much faster.

Always Counterattack

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection 1

Making a counterattack in Ninja Gaiden Master Collection will require a bit of practice and time at first. But when the players don’t get enough of this, it will eventually be tied to their muscle memory. Those who want to master the games need to focus on this goal.

To counterattack, the player simply has to press the attack button as soon as an enemy hits them while blocking. The time window for making this move successfully is narrow, but it becomes easy to do once the players start getting the feel of the combat.

The Ultimate Technique

Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

The last technique is one of the most powerful tools a player has at their disposal while playing Ninja Gaiden. When the player defeats enough enemies, their weapons will begin to glow blue and then red for level 1 and level 2 Ultimate techniques, respectively.

Players should use this attack as much as possible, as it will completely wipe out any enemies unlucky enough to receive it. However, when performing this technique, the player must ensure that the attack is actually connected. Otherwise, it will leave them open and defenseless.

Master Ninpos – Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

Ninpos in Ninja Gaiden makes the series’ combat mechanics more layered and interesting. In Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 and 2, these Ninja arts techniques are elemental in nature and very powerful in combat.

Players can pick up ninpo reels as loot during gameplay or purchase them. These attacks vary in style and effectiveness and will rely on the player’s KI. Players should take the time to discover which ninpo attacks suit their play style best.