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Nioh 2 Guide – Tips And Tricks That New Players Should Know

Nioh 2

Your first day with Nioh 2 will be tough, confusing, and fair, which is pretty much what we expect from a game designed to make you die a lot. Your journey won’t be easy, but here in our beginner’s guide, written after several dozen hours of gameplay, we’ll give you some tips to help you to be less confused and frustrated. 

Skip Tough Enemies – Nioh 2

Nioh 2

Some enemies aren’t worth fighting when you first encounter them, and you can learn this lesson early on (seriously: within the first few minutes). There’s no shame in admitting that a 25-foot tall horse demon that can kill you in two hits. This is a battle of a more experienced player and a higher-level character.

This is true and can apply in hour 10 or 20 as well as in hour one. Run after. It won’t go anywhere. You can always come back – and you should, when you’re stronger and your odds of winning are higher.

In other words, fighting strong enemies when you’re weak is a really bad idea, there are plenty of other bad guys to kill.

A Way Around

Nioh 2‘s levels are full of detours, alleys, and shortcuts. Mostly, you should explore all of them to find useful items. But they also serve a more important function: Shortcuts and secret alleys allow you to avoid some of the tough enemies we mentioned above.

Look for alternative paths. Many of them will take you to a fight from a completely different direction, which completely changes the way you approach it – sometimes even in your favor. Other alternatives also allow you to skip fights altogether.

If you’re having trouble getting through an enemy or just looking for an advantage, look around and see if you can use the layout of the level to your advantage.

Obsess Over Ki – Nioh 2

Nioh 2

Ki is the most important mechanic of Nioh 2, period. The green bar in the upper left of the screen is your Ki measure, which we’ll use interchangeably as your stamina gauge because that’s exactly what it is.

Keep hitting the attack button until your stamina is exhausted and you can no longer attack or dodge or run away feels like forever. This is one of the most important lessons: The game not only inconveniences you because you run out of stamina, but it also punishes you.

If relentless aggression is your instinct, then reconsider, only attack when you’re reasonably sure you can get a few hits without draining your Ki gauge. Build in some voids to flee, then back away, regain stamina, and wait for the opportunity to attack more.

If you find yourself standing next to an enemy, out of breath, unable to move, squeezing buttons, and praying then you are playing the game wrong. Yes, that sounds harsh. It also happens to be true. Trust us. Rate your attacks and often back off. You rarely kill enemies with a single hit, so be prepared to back off and preserve your Ki.

Skip The Tutorials

Nioh 2

The first tutorials that Nioh 2 provides give you the most basic knowledge of the game. We’re nice to know, but they won’t make much sense until you’re more familiar with the game.

However, every time you die, the game lets you go back to the tutorial with the click of a button. If you find yourself stuck, go back to the tutorial. After a short while, when you’re able to return to the Starting Point, you’ll have access to tutorials and training between missions. Use them and practice. More than once, we ended up overcoming a particularly difficult Yokai by effectively practicing in tutorials.