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No More Heroes 3 guide for beginners – Tips and tricks

No More Heroes 3

Travis Touchdown is back in No More Heroes 3 and here’s another great showcase of Suda51’s creative talent. While playing, you might wonder where your friend got that new t-shirt from? Are you stuck on where to make more money? Not sure what the best upgrade chip is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Unclog some Save Points

No More Heroes 3

Use loo and you will save the game. Simple! For more save points, there are many restrooms marked on your map that can be used after you open the door. It’s easy and all you need to do is use the stick on the left to find the sweet spot and hold it in place. Once done, a command will appear on the screen to move the right sidebar up and down. Enjoy your new swamp. You should complete these as soon as possible to save points faster.

Fast Travel – No More Heroes 3

This is another thing in No More Heroes 3 that you should take advantage of right away unless you really enjoy driving around. After unlocking a new area, you can simply press Y from the map screen and move quickly to your heart’s content.

Designated Matches

No More Heroes 3

There are two types of Designated Combinations: blue and red. Before you can challenge each boss, it will tell you at the top right of the screen how many bosses you need to clear to continue, with smaller blues and orbs larger is red. However, you should not stop once the requirements have been met. You’ll still earn valuable currency for completing the rest of the matches so it’s well worth it.

Visit the Lab – No More Heroes 3

It’s not really shown in the beginning but underneath your apartment, there’s a lab to explore. This is where you can spend your hard-earned WESN upgrading Travis skills, crafting and equipping Death Glove chips, using Time Machine to fight old bosses, and buying some sushi.

Using the Time Machine again

The Time Machine is a great resource, both in terms of currency and upgrade materials for chips. The normal difficulty is free, but as you increase it gradually you will lose WESN to start the fight, but with a much bigger reward. Velvet Chair Girl’s boss fight is a particularly good source of mid-game WESN as the boss is incredibly simple to defeat, even on Death difficulty. Each time you repeat a quest, you will get diminishing returns.

Upgrade Death Glove – No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3

After collecting a bunch of adorable materials in battle, you can use them to craft your own Death Glove chip using the Chip Machine in the Lab. You can fit up to three in the glove and there are many benefits. I can recommend Chip Ginga, which gives an extra slow after a perfect dodge, and Chip 80, which shifts you when you’re near collections. You can of course mix and match as you see fit, but these are my current favorites.

Best Skill upgrades – No More Heroes 3

Upgrading your skills is important to pass the game. Mainly, you want to focus on hit damage, mana, and new skills because they can really get you out of a predicament. At any time, you can reallocate your WESN to an amount of UtopiCoins.