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3 Best Nuke Simulator Games You Should Try

nuke simulator games

nuke simulator games

Video games have always had some fictional weapons to unleash havoc on your enemies. From BFG 9000 to Hammer of Dawn, every once in a while, a video game will offer a weapon to give the player the desperate edge they need to take out hostile forces. However, some of the more terrifying weapons in nuke simulator games are those that are simulated from real life, such as the infamous nuclear weapon.

Mercenaries 2 – nuke simulator games

nuke simulator games

The Mercenaries franchise has made a big splash by bringing players into a third-person shooter set in an open-world environment. Players take the role of mercenaries, helping different factions according to their needs, and you can bring your weapons or vehicles by ordering them through the in-game market. 

Included in that market is a nuke but it’s only available to players who have completed the game and started backing up. If you save enough in-game currency, which is $1 million, you can buy a nuke and wreak havoc on the city. Unfortunately, the franchise only had two parts with the third game being canceled along with the development team behind the original two, Pandemic Studios, being closed.


nuke simulator games

ICBM is one of the real-time strategy nuke simulator games revolving around a fictional world war. Players take control of a continent where your goal is to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction to use against others. It is a strategic race to destroy all the opposing groups before they level your countries. 

This is done through a variety of strategies from researching new weapons or building upon established weapons. From there, you’ll need to start building your arsenal and defenses for missiles, planes, and even naval divisions. Likewise, this is a game where players need to make sure they know where the enemy starts to store their goods so you know where to attack most while keeping your weapons hidden or carefully protected. 

Best of all, there are a number of different means of playing against other people here because in addition to playing single player you will find competitive games online with other players or you can go through a single team play.

Defcon – nuke simulator games

nuke simulator games

Lastly, in this nuke simulator games list, another solid entry for a real-time strategy game is Defcon. This is a game that puts the player in control of a commander guarded in an underground bunker. With just an old computer to see what’s going on above, players are essentially fighting a war where the winner is just the group that can lose the least in terms of population. This is one of those games that is simple but quite scary. 

In this game, players will role-play in an area and from there they will slowly build up their forces. Then it’s all about knowing when and where to attack, if you attack first but too soon the counterattack can end the game. Likewise, being a game where every area is for itself, it’s an increase in tension as you gradually go from simple naval and air force attacks to missiles. nuclear, destroying regions and their citizens in the process.