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The best way to use Nunu and Willump Full AP for players in LoL

Nunu & Willump Full AP are capable of dealing massive damage, possibly Oneshot opponents

Nunu & Willump Full AP are capable of dealing massive damage, possibly Oneshot opponents

Nunu & Willump Full AP is a champion capable of damaging enemy champions, large monsters, or structures that increase his attack speed and movement speed with a nearby ally in seconds.

Nunu and Willump Full AP items needed

Nunu and Willump Full AP will start with the Hunter Talent and Reusable Medicine. Reciprocating Health benefits more than 3 Health Potions. You do not need too many regeneration items when you have to consume (Q) in your kit.

Accumulate enough gold for the first return to buy Casual Shoes. The Predator’s passive Nunu and Willump is not just for ganking. It also helps you speed up clearing monsters or controlling vision and neutral targets like Dragon / Messenger / Baron.

Once Nunu and Willump AP have the Normal Shoes, you will continue on Enchantment: Runic Echoes (can be picked up from Clash or Swords). Clear Boots of Magician to gain magic penetration. Then go to Crown Shurelya (cheap, for good stats, speed buffs for allies) and Morello Devil (damage, penetration, blood, causing deep wounds).

In the last two options, you can customize on the Malphite, Rabadon’s Deathcap, or Hextech Witches. So that he can maximize the magic damage you can cause.

How to play

Starting with the jungle, if you are in the Blue team, you can start Nunu and Willump Full AP with Red Thorn Dust -> Twisted Demons -> Grotesque Crab in the top lane. Then cross the mid or top lane to make a sudden visit, in order to pressure the kill. 

Next, you go on the upper part of the Red team. Plug a wand in the Red Dust side of the enemy. Or go to your jungle and clear all the monsters in the upper part. After that, you can go back and get on Casual Shoes. Prepare for the snowball Nunu and Willump Full AP battle away from school.

If you are in the Red team, you start from Green Stone Giant, level 2. Then roll to gank slightly in the bottom lane. Then he hit the road to solve his home forest monster. With this champ, you can take advantage of the fasting of the Twisted Demons. Doing it to level up earlier than your opponent and gank from early levels (with Q and W). Maybe you will be robbed forest, but do not worry, our goal is to gank as many kills as possible. You have to play aggressively and actively, trying to communicate with your teammates to take kills.

Besides, Nunu and Willump Full AP start a fight with Snow Bridge. In the Legend, the ideal place to start rolling is from an ancient stone pedestal or a second pillar (if fighting on a street). Vision is very important, you need to know where the enemy is to be able to start using W properly to reach the maximum threshold. You then fire Snow Cannon at the targets, creating a prerequisite for the Ice Oneshot opponent.