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5 Best Video Games For Oculus Quest Headsets

Oculus Quest Headsets

Oculus Quest Headsets

VR has been a huge hit in the video game industry this past generation, and it continues to find new ways to innovate and deliver exciting experiences for players. For example, the Oculus Rift first started with a headset that not only required a powerful gaming PC at the time but also a lot of wires for connections and sensors. Since then, there has been the birth of Oculus Quest Headsets, which was recently enhanced to Oculus Quest 2. It provides everything you need to play some of the more popular VR video game titles available without a camera or even PC gaming. However, there is also the benefit of a single-wire connection to your PC, which will provide the ability to enjoy VR games through your gaming PC build.

Hyper Dash – Oculus Quest Headsets

Oculus Quest Headsets

Hyper Dash is a competitive FPS where players role-play Android characters and battle each other in a variety of game modes. With a wide range of weapons to use, this is pretty much what you would expect from a VR FPS game. However, the difference here is how the player can drift around the map using the rail system. 

Connected to a rail, the player can quickly glide around the map and the player shoots down or reaches the destination a little faster. With that said, players aren’t completely on the rails as they are free to move around and if you’re not in an online competitive match, there’s an offline mode with bots.

Richie’s Plank Experience

Easily one of the more recognizable VR video games out there, especially since VR has just exploded in popularity over the past few years, is Richie’s Plank Experience. This is something you’ve probably seen at various public events where there’s a wooden plank and VR headset for players to test their altitude. That’s really all you need to make things cool for this game. The player puts on a headset and the game takes the player into an elevator, where on the top floor, the door opens with a single wooden board to step out.

The Room VR – Oculus Quest Headsets

We’re sure you’re all familiar with The Room franchise. It’s been around for a while with installments that put the player in a basic single room with some confusing combos. We now have a VR adaptation of this franchise with The Room VR: A Dark Matter. Here, the plot is about solving the disappearance of an Egyptologist from the British Archaeological Institute. 

Players will need to explore the area, find connecting pieces, and slowly unlock areas and mythological mysteries. If you used to enjoy various escape room events, but due to the current pandemic that is limiting your ability to attend, this is a great alternative.

Topgolf With Pro Putt

Oculus Quest Headsets

Remember going out with friends and participating in sports or fun activities? During this pandemic period, we are still trying to get to the normal level, but it is still a bit difficult so connecting with friends through other means such as video games has proven to be a great help. great success. 

For the golf enthusiasts out there, Topfgolf With Pro Putt offers a number of fun relaxing activities that can be played alone or connected with a group of friends. Players can compete on different putt courses or just hit the golf ball onto the green. Of course, you don’t have to just play with your friends, you can enjoy a game by yourself.

Vacation Simulator – Oculus Quest Headsets

Oculus Quest Headsets

Vacation Simulator comes from the same development team behind Job Simulator. It is the same as Job Simulator but with a new setting to play around with. Here, the robot lords want to understand why humans rest and you can help them. 

There are plenty of activities to engage in as you enter this world and complete a series of quests that add to the story or areas to explore. Activities range from sandcastle construction to painting, to working in a makeshift booth, like the convenience salesman job from the Job Simulator days. It’s quirky, fun, and overall a great game to get people started using Oculus Quest Headsets.