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4 Best Oculus Rift VR Games You Should Try

Oculus Rift VR games

The VR platform changed the last generation of console platforms, and we still see the platform sticking to the latest generation. Players can dive into the new worlds and immerse themselves in the video games. In this particular list, we will highlight the best Oculus Rift VR games you can play right now. With that said, we’re closely tied to the Oculus ecosystem so there won’t be any VR games exclusively featured through specific digital marketplace outlets like Valve.

Lone Echo – Oculus Rift VR games

Oculus Rift VR games

The Lone Echo is a somewhat unexpected announcement from development studio Ready At Dawn, developers primarily known for their work with Sony’s PlayStation video games. They brought games like PlayStation Portable God of War to PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886. However, in 2017, the studio distributed their first VR game, Lone Echo. 

This is an Oculus Rift exclusive and a game well worth the investment. Developed as an adventure game, the player assumes the role of an Android robot who works alongside a human named Olivia on the Saturn spaceship. 

However, a new anomaly threatens Olivia’s return to home, which puts our android protagonist in what may be the grace of seeing his companion reach his destination hers. It’s a narrative-driven adventure game with lots of atmosphere throughout, even granting developers the best VR game at E3 2017.

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead is a pretty big worldwide phenomenon. Given its incredible success in both comic books and TV series media formats, players are also offered a number of Oculus Rift VR games to take in this zombie apocalypse world. In The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, the player in this game takes on the role of a survivor in New Orleans. 

However, just like how the TV series portrays it, the world is full of arch-enemies that roam the world. To survive in this horror adventure game, players will need to carefully roam the outdoors, looking for useful supplies and using your makeshift weapons, ranging from traditional guns, bows and arrows. Crafted to sharp blades. Of course, you can not only end up walking with the dead as enemies, but other living people have also appeared in the game.

Blade & Sorcery

Oculus Rift VR games

Blade & Sorcery is one of the other Oculus Rift VR games on this list that’s in early access, but it’s one that we believe is worth a try. This is a VR medieval fantasy game quite similar to Gorn, the point we previously covered. However, there are some differences in this game as it is less violently animated and more realistic. 

Players here once again battle against waves of enemies with a variety of weapons that you can wear around your body such as a belt or a back. After that, it was a brutal and more realistic battle against human opponents that began to flood the arena. While you can use several weapons in hopes of getting one before the enemy AI, there is a small addition to this game that Gorn is the player who can also use magic.

Beat Saber – Oculus Rift VR games

Oculus Rift VR games

Like how we mentioned in the BoxVR score, we have Beat Saber. Here, in this game, the player uses two swords corresponding to the blue and red tiles that will fly towards the player. Going along with the rhythm and music rhythm, the player will need to cut boxes with the correct colored sword while dodging the red barrier walls that will follow. 

This could mean quickly slicing boxes around the screen and dodging to the sides or back. Just like any rhythm-based game, if you keep missing tiles or spend too much time in the red fences, the game will end resulting in a loss.