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The oddest weapons have ever appeared in CS: GO history

There have been many oddest weapons appearing throughout the history

There have been many oddest weapons appearing throughout the history of CS: GO such as Revolver 8, SG553, AUG, AWP, Tec-9, and CZ75.

CS: GO has been through a lot of different versions of the update since its inception. There have been many oddest weapons appearing throughout the history of CS: GO such as Revolver 8, SG553, AUG, AWP, Tec-9, and CZ75.

Weapon versions are too powerful, even breaking the balance of the CS: GO game. Let us review these weapons!

Revolver 8 (version 2015) – oddest weapons

Revolver 8 launched in the Winter 2015 update, it’s no exaggeration to say this is the most hegemony weapon ever made available in CS: GO history. The gun is inspired by Western-style cowboy revolver pistols with 2 firing modes. The slow (left mouse) with high accuracy suitable for opponents at far distances. The quick-firing mode (right mouse) with low accuracy, extremely suitable for close-range opponents.

The strongest point of Revolver 8 weapon is the extremely high base damage: 115. That is, you can one-shot opponents at close range. Moreover, the price of $850 is too cheap for a “mini-AWP” to help make the Revolver 8 the most used weapon at that time.

After 3 days of receiving too much opposition and asking to nerf this oddest weapon. Valve heavily nerfed Revolver by reducing its base damage to 85 and reducing its firing rate. This change made the Revolver 8 almost disappear from normal and professional play. Although in 2017 Valve brought this gun and Negev into the professional arena and reduced the price to $600. It still cannot compete with the DE, an iconic gun of shooters, and the Revolver 8 that has been “snubbed” ever since.

SG553 – AUG (2018 – 2019)

Appeared in CS: GO from the first versions, but very few people choose to use SG553 or AUG. Because they appear completely inferior to their brothers: AK-47 and M4A4/M4A1-S. The weapons with AWP and DE have become symbols of the CS: GO series. However, in the October 9, 2018 update, Valve, in turn, reduced the price of these two weapons to increase their popularity: $2750 for SG553 and $3150 for AUG.

Just a small change helped these two oddest weapons really rise when pro players started using SG553or AUG in professional matches and realized their true strength. With these two guns, you only need to spend a little extra money (compared to the price of AK is $2,700 and M4A4 is $3,100). It is able to own a gun with spray control easy to control, still kill all enemies (if headshot). Most importantly a scope so you can easily defeat opponents far away.

These two oddest weapons were thoroughly applied by pro players in professional games. At one time, these were more popular than AK-47 or M4. Finally, after a series of complaints and nerf requests from both professionals and casual players. Valve had to raise prices again with these two guns (AUG increased again to $3,300 in March 2019, SG553 also increased to $3,000 again in November 2019). 

However, seeing that the power of SG553 is still superior to the AK-47 elder. In April 2020 Valve once again nerfed this gun when it significantly reduced its firing speed as well as its accuracy. With this series of changes, now SG, as well as AUG, has once again disappeared from the professional arena.

AWP ( version 2015)

As an iconic weapon of the FPS series in general and CS: GO in particular, AWP is the oddest weapon that has made the brand of a series of stars like kennyS, GuardiaN, FalleN, Pasha, or until recently. These are names like S1mple, dev1ce, or ZywOo.

However, long-time fans of CS: GO definitely remember how bad the AWPused to be in 2013-2014. You can turn on the scope and move at a very high speed. This has helped the AWP-er with aggressive play. Moving as much as kennyS or JW storming with both moving and scope and taking down the opponent. In March 2015 Valve reduced the movement speed of players when scoping with AWP and Autosniper guns. Thereby nerfing this style of play.

Tec-9 ( version 2014 and 2017)

As a T-side pistol, they design Tec-9 as the oddest weapon that makes it possible for players to move and fire at high speed to attack bombsite easily. Tec-9 in 2014 was used extremely popular. It had too many advantages: multiple magazines (32 rounds, the largest in CS: GO), exactly when moving and firing very cheap ($500). There were times when teams like EnVyUs or Fnatic used Tec-9 in nearly every round they had to eco – half buy.

In March 2015, Valve decided to nerf Tec-9 by reducing magazine size to 24 rounds instead of 32 as before, as well as reducing the damage caused at a distance to encourage closer combat.

In August 2017, Tec-9 was once again nerfed. The magazine now had only 18 rounds and the accuracy of continuous fire was reduced. After a series of nerfs, the update on 4/2020 Valve increased the accuracy of the Tec-9’s firing. This oddest weapon has rediscovered some of the footholds in the professional CS: GO world.

CZ75 – Auto (version 2014 and 2018) – oddest weapons

As the only pistol weapon that can fire multiple machine guns, the first release of the CZ75 really deserves the nickname “mini-AK”. It has a very fast rate of firing, thereby making it extremely dangerous in melee phases. By October 2014, they heavily nerfed CZ75 when increased it to $500. They also reduced base damage, reduced bullet speed, doubled withdrawal time. When defeated the opponent also received only $100 instead of $300 as before.

The nerf is so strong, but this oddest weapon with the ability to fire multiple rounds. 12-round magazine still has a place in CS: GO world. Especially with CT-side when 12 rounds are enough to be able to take down 2- 3 enemies at close range. After some nerfs and buffs in 2018, the CZ75 has not changed so far. It is still used by many favorite players, such as Electronic or Flusha.