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5 Weird Ways To Keep Monsters Out Of Your Base in Valheim


Monster attacks have always been a problem in Valheim. When it turns to night, enemies will appear in the dark – and sometimes they’ll try to smash your stuff. They are naturally attracted to your small outposts and everything you have can be destroyed if the enemy persists enough. That is why players are always looking for new ways to stop the most annoying creatures.

Placing Workbenches in Valheim


This works even at the start of your adventure in Valheim. Enemies will not appear within the influence radius of your desk – so just cover your entire island in the desk! Enemies will not appear, so your base will be permanently safe. It looks terrible and consumes a lot of resources, but that is only the cost of a little peace of mind.

Creating A Monster Decoy

Dead mosquito is one of the biggest problems you will face if you live near the Plains biome. Basically, they attack everything, so if you want to distract them from your sweet, sweet base – just build a Greydwarf cage. Build a little shack with a gate, lure Greydwarf inside to lock him up and you’ll have your bait. Now Deathsquitoes will (attempt) attack the Greydwarf before touching your favorite base.

Generating A Wolf Army – Valheim


Now here’s one of the things that can quickly get out of control. In the mountains, you can tame the wolves with food. Tame wolves are not enough – you need to breed them. Once you have tamed two wolves, sit and wait for them to breed (feed them and put them in a state of “Happiness”, then they will breed) – wolves have a strange tendency to molt, So it is better to wait for the children to show up.

Baby wolves don’t breed, so when you have at least two, your army is on its way. Taming Wolves will automatically kill monsters and eat raw meat – meaning they will put themselves in a state of “Happiness” and reproduce themselves. This is both a blessing and a curse, so use your strength wisely.

Swamp Water Mote

That’s still a great idea in Valheim– just build your base on the outskirts of a swamp. Dig a mote below the water level, then connect your clean water to the dirty swamp water. The leech infestation will automatically spread to any connected water body, so you can build a leech to kill anything it touches. Now that’s a useful way to stop anything from flying.

Windmill Death Blades – Valheim


The leeches can’t stop Mosquitoes from dying… but the Windmills can. The Windmill is a crafted structure available only after defeating Moder, boss of the Mountains biome. The Windmill was only used for one thing – making Barley Flour, but the player found a secondary use. The windmill’s propeller also kills the Mosquitoes instantly.

Now, if only you could surround your entire base with the Windmill. The Windmill requires the Artisan Board to function but will continue to function if the Artisan Board is moved. So you can really put the Windmill anywhere – as long as you put that Artisan Desk down first.