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OG vs Liquid Prediction – IEM GROUP A – 12/02

OG vs Liquid Prediction

OG vs Liquid prediction on December 02, 2021. Since this is a Bo1 match, the two teams will almost certainly ban all of the opponent’s strong picks. Almost certainly neither of them will have the opportunity to choose on maps with a high win rate like Dust 2 or Overpass.

OG Overview

OG vs Liquid Prediction

Confronting Liquid in the winning bracket of Group A is clearly not an easy challenge for OG. After all, they are still the team with a lower-ranking at the moment. 

However, according to analysts, the winning door for OG is still brighter in this match. Especially when the next match is Bo1 so the tactical calculation is not much. Looking at the statistics of the last 10 matches, OG is clearly doing better with 6 wins and only 4 losses, good performance is always the key in Bo1 bets like this.

Liquid Overview

OG vs Liquid Prediction

Liquid is showing a worrying fluctuating performance. In the last 10 matches, they only brought back 5 wins, only slightly worse than the opponent. However, if you look at the last 7 matches, this team only won 2 matches. It can be seen that at this moment their performance is going down significantly. 

Having to face an opponent who is playing quite well again, defeat is inevitable for Liquid. Going down to the losing bracket is probably the most reasonable choice for this team.

OG vs Liquid Prediction

Even Vertigo, as well as Inferno, will be banned by both sides in turn. The choices will be around in 3 maps to fight Mirage – Nuke – Ancient. It is quite understandable when these two maps do not have too big a difference in win rate, then this Bo1 bet will be balanced.

After considering many details, perhaps Mirage is the most likely choice that OG can choose, although Nuke is a map with an equal win rate of both, the last 3 times OG shot, they won. Choosing this map once is too risky. As for Mirage, they have a 38% win rate in the last 8 shots, while the opponent is 56% in 9 shots although it is lower it seems that OG is more forehand in Mirage than compared to Mirage, Nuke. 

OG vs Liquid Prediction

As for Ancient, it is very difficult to get back when this is not Liquid’s forte map, so it is almost certain that the opponent will ban it in the last ban. Although they have to play on a map with a lower win rate than their opponents, OG is not too worried, they are in better form at the moment. 

Liquid currently has only two impressive players, NAF and EliGE, the other individuals have not shown strong carrying capacity. While OG is presenting themselves as an even group of members who are able to cover each other well, most importantly they achieve coherent information that provides their teammates with key decisions. most accurate. Therefore, experts believe that OG will win this match.

OG vs Liquid Bet Prediction

OG vs Liquid total score prediction:

Game 1: OG 1-0 Liquid

Total score 1-0 (OG wins the handicap 2.5)

First 5 rounds:

Game 1: OG

Total rounds:

Game 1: OG 16-12 Liquid (Over)


OG: valde, Aleksib, niko, mantuu, flameZ

Liquid: FalleN, NAF, EliGE, Stewie2K, Grim