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OlliOlli World – Nonsense Things In The Game

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Olliolli World is one of the most bizarre games, Zany and beyond the wall has ever been made, full stop. Luckily, this Super Crazy Shenanigans game throws your way in the game’s favor, bringing out the glam in Spades. You play as the next chosen skater in search of Gnarvana, the great power of Skate Skate between the skating gods and the skaters of the world below. If that description alone doesn’t clean your brain then it’s hard to know what will.

Skateboarding Prowess

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Once you get into the game and take the time to customize your personal Skater, you’re thrown into the bulk of the story where you have to learn how to be the next skate wizard. Olliolli World does a great job at loosening you up into the game’s skateboarding mechanics, especially for those brand new to the series.

Basically, the whole first island is a giant tutorial area where you learn something new, practice it, then take it out on the street to speak. However, something not quite so much. How is it that our skater who doesn’t know how to skate but quickly manages to capture all the skate nuances and subtleties in minutes? Either this character is a wizard or just the skateboarding prodigy right from the get-go.

The Skate Gods – Olliolli World

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Radlantia is “ruled” by various skating gods who really only seem to want the best for their people. The fact that Radlantia is a relatively small island continent but still governed by five different skating gods is quite confusing. Each of them seems to be honest and down-to-earth.

How did these creatures become skating gods? Does the Skate Wizards end up going up to Gnarvana to replace another god then go into some sort of Ethereal retirement? Okay, these questions might be a bit too existential but they deserve a mention since storytelling is front and center.

Endless Respawning

OlliOlli World

Outentimes Video Games doesn’t really explain how it works. It’s the kind that’s just supposed to be the norm. However, in the case of the Olliolli World, there is indeed an explanation in the game, even if it is rather vague about the details.

Early in the game, in the tutorials, you’re taught that if and when you crash, bail, or otherwise, you’ll be respawned at a checkpoint or the start of the stage. How to do this correctly? Well, the current Chiffon Wizard Skate can use his special powers to revive you as many times as you see fit. Surely there must be some long-term side effect that you would think.

Items – OlliOlli World

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The game is all about customization, freedom of expression, and simply being proud of who you are. These ideas definitely come to mind when creating and customizing your skateboarding character. The game starts with an in-depth creation system with dozens and dozens of items right from Get-Go.

As you progress through the different stages, you’ll begin to continuously unlock new cosmetic rewards to adorn your character. In terms of gameplay and raw progression, it’s always great to always have something new to equip your character with, however, who the hell is making all of these products? Also, why do we get them seemingly for free?