August 3, 2021


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Omen teleport nerfed in Valorant’s patch 2.0

Valorant's patch 2.0

While Valorant’s Patch 2.0 brought Omen adjustments designed to tone his power down, there was another change to the agent left out of the patch notes by Riot.

Valorant's patch 2.0

A significant change to the hitbox of Omen’s teleport capability, Shrouded Step, was made by Riot Games. The ability now requires players to move further out of cover than they did prior to the patch for Valorant 2.0. 

Now, in order to activate, it looks like the hitbox of Shrouded Step requires an unblocked path as broad as the on-screen graphic of the ability.

Why is Omen’s teleport worsen after Valorant patch 2.0?

The ability’s hitbox extended to about the width of its inner blue circle prior to this change, shown as the green overlay in the image. Testing showed after Valorant’s 2.0 patch that the hitbox of the ability is now about as wide as the outer red circle. With the new hitboxes forcing players to take a much wider angle to use the ability, this is a huge change to Omen’s teleport. In many situations, wider angles mean players will have to leave cover.

The ability was much more forgiving prior to Valorant’s Episode 2 release, only requiring a line of sight to fire to the destination of the teleport. Players could take shallow angles and still be able to teleport with a smaller hitbox. 

For such a big change in the ability of a character, it’s surprising that Riot did not explicitly list this in the patch notes. Any reference to Shrouded Step or its hitbox is absent.

It is likely that Riot always intended the hitbox to be this large, fixing its size as during the balance pass of Valorant’s Patch 2.0, it took care of Omen’s other abilities.

With an new agent Yoru and Omen nerfs 

The patch was released alongside a new battle pass and the second episode of the game, “Formation.” While Brimstone’s fellow Controller agent got several buffs to his kit, Riot hit Omen with nerfs, including slowing his Dark Cover ability’s movement speed by 1200 units over his travel time and increasing his Paranoia’s cost from $200 to $400.

Valorant’s newest Agent, Yoru, whose abilities feel like better versions of the ghostly agent’s, may also outshin Omen. For players who wish to approach Riot’s shooter from a different angle, Yoru’s kit includes some neat options. His abilities interact with those of other agents in ways players have not seen before, like Killjoy’s turret. 

Between the announced nerfs of Omen and the changes to the hitbox of Shrouded Step, there may not be any room on the servers for the season of Valorant Episode 2 for both agents.