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Onward VR – Best Loadout You Should Try Out

Onward VR

There are many virtual reality games that players invest time in. However, while some people may find their usual fun in VR, there are other games for more action-oriented players. Enter inside, the Mil-sim tactical shooter. Onward VR is still getting early access, though there’s enough content to keep players busy should they decide to dive in.

MARSOC Rifleman – Onward VR

Onward VR 2

Choosing this load for the Rifleman class is perfect for those who like to run and gun. As for the primary weapon, you can’t go wrong with the MK16. Onward’s scarred version is a great primary weapon that accepts all attachments, from Fresegrips to Dot Red Sights. It is a good weapon that all players will need if they are looking for a fully automatic rifle.

Secondary should be G17. Onward’s version of Glock is a good high-powered sidearm for the moment when the player is in the middle of a fight and running out of ammo. Since players will be on the front lines, body armor will be important. With body armor it’s a bit easier to get enemies, just hope they don’t aim for your head. A single flash grenade and a Frag grenade are also recommended in the loadout. Mixing and matching are important, so choosing the right attachments and equipment is up to the player.

MARSOC Support

Onward VR 1

Playing support means distracting the target while your teammates take out the enemy. However, providing suppressive fire doesn’t mean you’re unprepared. Support is the only class that can use LMG on the field. With plenty of ammo, the player will keep the enemy team busy while everyone sneaks. For the main, players can’t go wrong with the M249 in Onward VR. With 200 rounds in a box, it’s the highest capacity weapon in its class.

However, its long reload process means that players will switch to their sidearm during a fight. That’s where the G17 comes in, as it’s the best choice in high-capacity magazines. Body Armor is a must for this class as players will focus on your torso instead of shooting you in the head.

MARSOC Marksman – Onward VR

Onward VR

Playing Markman means you’re the one watching everything. Ranged combat is Marksman’s specialty, so helping players spot enemies will be key. However, a steady hand is the only way Marksman will succeed. Missing a shot means revealing your location, and possibly getting caught, the M39 EMR is perfect for long-range combat.

With a 4x or 12x range, it is possible to grab enemies in a quick and easy fashion. And with the semi-automatic gun, is missing a shot goes unpunished. The M1911 would be a good choice for a sidearm as its high damage will get you out of sticky situations (but hopefully, you won’t have to use it). Equipping an air drone rather than body armor would be important. At long range, helping friends with enemy positions while at a vantage point will keep you in the fight if you can’t have an image on the enemy.

Volk Support

onward 3

Play support on the Volk side, PKM is the way to go in Onward VR. With 50 compared to the M249, you should be able to shoot a bit longer before needing to reload. This means you have more time to focus on helping your teammates.

Year seven makes a comeback as a go-to person for this class. Like playing support with Marsoc, players will need their body armor if they aim to make it out of the fire alive, smoke grenades are great for obscuring enemy vision in choke points as well. With Volk always being the protective faction, it’s a good way to escape if cornered in sickness.