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ORDER vs Legacy Esports Prediction – LCO Split 2 – 07/27

ORDER vs Legacy Esports Prediction

ORDER vs Legacy Esports Prediction

ORDER vs Legacy Esports prediction on July 27, 2021. It’s quite surprising that the name of the team at the moment of ORDER is Beats, this SP player is leading the MVP chart 4 times since the beginning of the season. Beats and Puma become an extremely quality dragon lane duo, which is a danger to Legacy Esports at the end of the game.

ORDER Overview

Leaving aside the period of trouble, ORDER is playing sublimely with consecutive victories, with 10 wins and 5 losses since the beginning of the season so far they are sharing 2nd place with Chiefs Esports Club. 

Despite being in high form, ORDER will have to face an extremely uncomfortable opponent in this round, Legacy Esports, so remember that the last 8 times they faced Legacy Esports, ORDER only brought back 3 victories. It seems that this confrontation will be very tense as Legacy Esports is also trying to secure 5th place on its rankings.

Legacy Esports Overview

Legacy Esports is accelerating at the right time with the 3rd win in a row, with 7 wins and 8 losses, they are temporarily ranked 5th on the chart at the moment but only slightly better than PEACE in terms of head-to-head record. 

But it must also be admitted that the recent schedule is somewhat gentle with Legacy Esports, they only have to meet declining names like PEACE or Gravitas. As a result, every time they encounter big names like Dire Wolves or Pentanet.GG, Legacy Esports all receive failures, having to confront a stable ORDER at this time is a difficult problem for Legacy Esports.

ORDER vs Legacy Esports prediction

There is a high probability that the game will be balanced after the laning phase, the two teams will focus more on big goals like dragons or messengers to find the turning point of the game. 

Talking about this, Legacy Esports seems a bit weaker than the opponent, they are strong in constant fighting, but controlling big goals is not so good. Legacy Esports can play on foot against weaker teams, but when it comes to the big boys, they are easy to fail when they are not strong in the map control.

In contrast, ORDER shows that they are very careful about their opportunities, they do not fight meaninglessly but focus on big goals to distance themselves in terms of money and equipment. Through that will win an important victory at the end of the game by catching 2 to 3 members of the enemy team, then taking back Baron to end this match. 

Experts predict ORDER will be the overall winner in this match, as they have proven themselves in many encounters with the best teams.

ORDER vs Legacy Esports bet prediction

ORDER vs Legacy Esports total score prediction:

Game 1: ORDER

Total score 1-0 ( ORDER wins)

Handicap bet (ORDER accept 0.5)

Choose ORDER

First Blood:

Game 1: Legacy Esports

Total Kill Point:

Game 1: ORDER 17-8 Legacy Esports (Under)

First Dragon:

Game 1: ORDER


ORDER: Maximize, Kevy, Chungy, Puma, Beats

Legacy Esports: Winterer , Sybol , Incursio, styled, emelg