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Ori and The Blind Forest Guide – Things You Should Know

Ori and The Blind Forest

Platform games have become extremely popular since the advent of Metroid and Castlevania (often referred to as the Metroidvania subseries). Ori and the Blind Forest is no exception, it’s a newer, more modern take on the classic platformer style and is one of the best additions to this sub-segment for several reasons. 

The Ancestral Trees – Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and The Blind Forest 2

Map fragments are important, to be sure, but not as important as determining the location of the Ancestral Tree. Why? These trees are responsible for giving you your abilities, and those abilities match your game progress.

As soon as you find the first one, you will receive instructions on how to use it and will be taken through your skill selection process. You’ll know when you find one because they all have the same design and are lit with a blue light.

Explore Every Area

There are a few reasons for this, the most important being map shards, keys, Sanity, and Life. You need all of these to keep moving forward in the game and they are scattered all over the terrain of the map. You’ll want to dig through it to make sure you don’t miss anything.

There are also Ability orbs hidden in various places, called Secrets. These will instantly give you a chance to upgrade one of your skills. That, and well… Ori and the Blind Forest is a beautiful game. You definitely want to see all the game’s design if possible.

Choosing Skills

Ori and The Blind Forest 1

One of the best parts of Ori’s gameplay is the ability tree system. You have the opportunity to choose what skills you want Ori to have and when. The tree works with three branches of different ability types: Utility, Efficiency, and Combat.

To progress through a branch, the previous skill must be activated, so you’ll want to choose your skill wisely. A good suggestion, however, is to remember jumping is very important in this game, so you may want to pick those skills up as they become available.

More Areas – Ori and the Blind Forest

These fields are also very easy to miss! Many will play and suddenly find themselves in an area that doesn’t look like it belongs in the rest of the map. They are also important areas to explore as they have abilities, life cells, and mental cells along with their own unique stories.

A place called the Black Root Burrows, guarded by a stone statue and filled with darkness. The other location, Lost Grove, is a much more beautiful and lively site found only through the Black Root Burrows. It’s also important to note that Lost Grove requires a higher skill set to gain.

Amazing Storyline

Ori and The Blind Forest

If there’s one thing Ori and the Blind Forest does and does well, it’s a story. The gameplay of the game is important, for sure, but the story is no less. You can’t skip the cutscenes because of this, as the gameplay and story are so closely coupled that you’ll experience the two together.

However, do not be discouraged by this, the story of Ori is absolutely phenomenal and will take you on an emotional excursion that leaves you wondering how to proceed after the game’s end. It’s a beautiful and moving story that makes this game so great – and also the number one reason why you should play it.

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