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Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye – How To Reach 3 Forbidden Archives

Outer Wilds

If you’ve watched Part 3 of our Outer Wilds: Echoes of the Eye guide, you’ll know how to get to the Other World. There are three main locations in the Other World – Starlit Cove, Endless Gorge, and Covered Forest. Each of these areas contains a location known as the Forbidden Repository. These Archives contain the vital information you need to complete the DLC.

Starlit Cove – Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds – Reach The Well & Forbidden Archive

  • From the Ritual Room, go up the stairs to the central village, which forms a circle around the well.

In the village, your target is the well. It is located in the center and is guarded by a stone guard. Inaccessible from the bridge while the lights are on. Go around outside, use Focus to teleport to handheld devices.

  • How to turn off the lights: Go to the back of the village and find the stairs leading down. Sneak past the guards (using Conceal) and jump on the boat.

Go forward and look to the right, use Focus on the stone. About halfway between the dock and the ruined house, there was a crack in the rock with a handheld device.

  • Move to the hand and use the elevator to reach the upper part of the village. At the top of the lift, extinguish the Porthole device to turn off all lights.

Be careful, this alerts all creatures in the village. All stalkers will appear below, take the elevator down.

Use the handheld to teleport down, then teleport across the void instantly – use the liftback path to the cave path.

Get off the elevator, check if the creature is on the left/right line. Use Focus and leave the lights on for only a short time – follow the path around the creature, and run through the cave to the well.

  • In the well: There are two stalkers in the underground well chamber. Use Focus to spot them from the balcony, then run out into the back hallway. There’s a hole in the middle of the basement room, so don’t try to run down the center! There is an elevator down the stairs.

How to Deal with Stalkers 

Use Focus to slow and blind them. They will only slowly approach. When you have distant/interrupted vision, you can cover to lose them.

To exit down the elevator, make sure that the stalkers are NOT following you. You must go into the dark corridor or the stone guards will spot you. Below you will find an archive of slides and theaters.

  • It shows you that when an alien dies, their predicted body remains on the other side.
  • A slide shows two artifacts next to a blue flame. A lamp when you go to sleep. Another light when you die.
  • Another slide shows an alarm that doesn’t wake the aliens.

Please keep this information in mind for later.

Endless Canyon – Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds – Open The Lower Floor Door and Reach The Forbidden Archive

Explore the bridge, then enter the giant building. The entrance to the Forbidden Archive is on the bottom floor – you can get there using the window device in the Mess Hall.

  • There are no enemies here. Explore and practice the path to the Porthole and back – the porthole creates a bridge that gives you access to the bottom floor.
  • How to Open the Tree Mural Door: Go to the outdoor stage and find two candles on the edge of the cliff. There is a hidden bridge leading to another Porthole that will put out any fires in the large building.

When the lights are off, the stalkers will appear. Sneak back into the dark to Mess Hall, light up the Porthole to create a bridge, then sneak down the stairs to the door with the Tree Mural. It only opens when all the lights are off.

Run across the secret bridge to get to the elevator. It will take you down to the Forbidden Archive. Again, no code. However, you will learn an extremely powerful trick. Place your lantern on the ground, then head out of range in the Other World to easily spot stalkers and identify secret passageways.

Shrouded Woodlands – Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds – Reach The Lodge & Forbidden Archive

Head to the Shrouded Woodlands, and to the vast clearing, where stalkers patrol. Release the lantern Artifact and walk outside, then follow the stalkers out of the houses – they’ll lead you to a secret underground passage under one of the trees.

When you’re ready to complete the Shrouded Woodlands, you’ll have to prepare to solve the final puzzle – you need to enter the large concentration building before the dam breaks.

Get Rid Of All Stalkers

  • All stalkers will disappear after smashing in Stranger, wiping out the entire enemy area.
  • Go to the Shrouded Woodlands and extinguish the window to make the door off disappear. Then leave.
  • Next, go to any of the other Mural Temples (Blue Fire Room) and go to the Shrouded Woodlands by boat. We recommend using the hidden pier in Starlit Cove – the blue flames of the River Lowlands.
  • With the door unlocked, you can enter this area from the marina.
Outer Wilds

Return to the Covered Forest area and follow the stalkers into the building. Wait to smash and clear the area – and since you’re in another Mural Temple you’ll stay. Follow the path to the large building, then walk through the large fireplace to find a hidden elevator. Then take the elevator down to the Forbidden Archive.

Inside this Forbidden Archive, you will learn another important piece of information.

  • A Slide Reel shows a resident stepping out of a boat as he transitions between regions in the Other World.

Believe it or not, we now have everything we need to complete the Outer Wilds DLC. Let’s get started, let’s start solving the ultimate puzzle, and complete the Stranger’s ultimate challenge.