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Outriders Guide – Best Build For Technomancer

Outriders Guide

All classes in the Outriders guide have their values. They all have different strengths and weaknesses, and it wouldn’t be fair to try to compare them or say which one is the best. However, Technomancer is clearly the winner of the “most interesting class name contest”.

Technomancer Heals – Outriders Guide

Unlike all other classes in Outriders, Technomancer heals through skills and weapon leeches – this means that a portion of the damage you deal to enemies will be sucked away and used to heal yourself. This may sound like a big drawback when compared to other class healing mechanisms, but it really is a blessing in disguise. For the later parts of the Outriders’ campaign and endgame, you’ll take so much damage that healing won’t be a problem.

Outriders Guide

Your job will be to put as many debuffs on your enemies as possible so your teammates can take them down while you sit back and shoot from afar. Weakening your enemies with skills and debuffs will allow you to deal a fair amount of weapon damage, so healing shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t rush right into the middle of a fight.

Best Technomancer Subclass – Outriders guide

Pestilence focuses on enhancing the damage of your weapons and Decay skills by granting the weapon tons of damage. The nodes in this tree are geared towards snipers and offensive weapons the most, making this the best tree for Blighted Rounds builds. Supporting builds can also take advantage of a few nodes from this tree.

Tech Shaman is a great support tree, empowering yourself and your allies to use your abilities and freeze targets. As Outriders guide, Freeze can also inflict Vulnerability — causing enemies to take 25% more damage from all sources — and your ability boosts the damage and healing of everyone in your party. Support characters will want to focus on this tree, taking a few nodes from the Pest tree on the side.

Outriders Guide

Demolisher is your Anomaly Power plant, enhancing the damage of your Anomaly Power weapon mods and skills. The Technomancer isn’t actually a crafter, although you can make this tree work with Scrapnel and Blighted Turret. This is also a good plant for scaling Tool of Destruction, although the other weapons you’ll find in Outriders will serve you much better than that skill. Unless you love Scrapnel, it’s best to avoid this plant.

Essential Technomancer Skills

Both the Cryo turret and the flare turret skills seem like a no-brainer. First inflicts a freeze on the enemy, freezing them in place and immobilizing them. The second poisons enemies and will cause them to gradually take damage. Tossing these out and then retreating into a nice corner to survey the chaos you’ve caused among enemy lines would be a sweet feeling.

Outriders Guide

As the Outriders guide, If you want to take on a more active role in combat, you can always swap out your Flare Turret for the Devoured Wheel, which will load your weapon’s magazine with poison bullets. Damage can affect enemies in a small area around the target, so it’s good for weakening clusters of enemies.

As for your ultimate skill, it really depends on whether you want to play as a healer or a damage dealer. Fixing Wave heals you and all your allies for 33% of your respective maximum health and heals your turrets for 50%. This is a great skill to help keep everyone in the fight and prevent enemies from being able to push your team back. This skill has no range, so it can heal any enemy that is deep or hard to reach with ease.