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Overcooked 2 Guide – Tips And Tricks To Get 3 Stars For Beginners

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2

Overcooked 2 is a great game that will appeal to fans of cooking, simulation games, and fast-paced action games alike. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy game to hit, so we’ve put together some tips to help you succeed.

Pots and Pans – Overcooked 2

After the pot or pan has the ingredients in it and passes the burner, it will start cooking. If the pot or pan stays on the burner for too long, it will catch fire — so make sure you’re keeping an eye on them. An exclamation point and an audible alert will start after a while, which is useful when the kitchen is in shambles.

The cooking timer will be delayed when you add another ingredient, so if you are making soup and the soup is about to burn, simply add another ingredient to reset the timer. If you don’t have any ingredients available, simply remove the pot or pan from the burner and place it on the counter. It stops cooking but will resume where it left off after being replaced.

Overcooked 2

If you leave the pot or pan on fire, the flame will spread quickly. To put out a fire, get a fire extinguisher and use the action button to put out the fire. You can’t use burned utensils until you “throw” them out, which means take them to the trash and dispose of the burned things.

It is important to note that cooking is always the longest process in the kitchen. Therefore, you should cook at least two dishes (if not more) at the same time, so that everything is ready to go when needed.

Toss Ingredients

The first overcooking process requires you to move your ingredients over the entire kitchen to pass it on to another cook. Luckily, Overcooked 2 has eliminated this time-consuming task — you can now toss your ingredients directly to your fellow chefs, instead of just tossing them on the ground.

In some Overcooked levels (like the one below) you are forced to throw food. Some kitchens are permanently divided by the entire level, so you’ll have to make do.

Whip your tomatoes, chicken legs, and hamburger patties to the chef on the other side of the kitchen. Do your best to aim ingredients at other chefs. Otherwise, it will fall to the floor and other cooks will waste time picking it up.

Remember that the throw button is the same as your cut button. When you’re ready to cut, be sure to stand directly in front of the cutting board, or you’ll accidentally throw the ingredients in.

Split Up Ingredients – Overcooked 2

As mentioned earlier, some steps will keep you from having to choose ingredients, chopping, or cooking areas in Overcooked 2. For these kitchens, it’s important to make sure you always have something to work with.

For this to happen, you may have to throw some raw or chopped ingredients on the floor in a particular area of ​​the kitchen, or into the hands of another chef. This way, the person cooking in that area of ​​the kitchen can also get some work done.

Overcooked 2

Again, this is not a sanitary kitchen, but you must do whatever it takes to get as many orders as possible.

You should also make sure that all dirty dishes get into the sink area. While one chef cooks, another cook can wash the dishes.

Stack Dirty Plates

Overcooked 2

Speaking of dirty disks, there is a more effective way to deal with them in Overcooked 2. When you serve a dish, a dirty plate comes back a little while after the customer has finished eating.

Judging by the flow of the kitchen, you might think it makes sense to take that single dirty plate into the sink, rinse it, then place it on the counter near the cooking area. However, players can stack dirty dishes together, then bring them into the sink to clean. This can be a time-saver since you’re moving a stack of disks instead of making multiple trips back and forth.