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Overwatch – Overview Of Baptiste skills

Overview Of Baptiste skills

Overview Of Baptiste skills

Blizzard has released a 30 detailed video of the hero Overwatchth, Baptiste, and his abilities today. He currently lives on PTR. He comes straight to us like a man who looks like a completely dedicated healer, except for his ultimate, which we will receive in a minute. Even in the end, I have news for you. If we think this hero will rock the meta, we may be disappointed. At first glance, he will fit right into GOATS. Enough of that, though! Let’s get into the overview of his possibilities.

Baptiste ’s Weapon: Medic SMG And Biotic Launcher

Overview Of Baptiste skills

Baptiste has three main shots on his SM SMG. The weapon also has an alternative fire called the Biotic Launcher (its bullets move like a Junkrat grenade) to help heal allies in the area of ​​effect. Biotic Launcher does not deal damage to enemies. SMG has 45 bullets in a magazine and players can fire 10 Biotic grenades before having to reload. Interestingly, he cannot heal himself with his Biotic Launcher’s secondary fire.

Passive: Exo Boots

Exo Boots, passive of Baptiste, allows him to make a jump much higher than any other character. By bending down before you jump, players can charge up to one meter to increase the jump height.

Baptiste ’s Regenerative Burst skill

Overview Of Baptiste skills

He activates a regenerative burst to heal himself and nearby allies for a short time.

Regenerative burst heals for 150 health over 6 seconds. The healing effect applies to nearby allies, but not an aura, so it will disappear if he moves to another location, but also does not apply to new allies if the character moves near them after activation. Zhao has a 15-second cooldown.

Immortality Field

Baptiste uses a device to create a protective layer that prevents his allies from dying. This device may be destroyed.

Immortality Field fires a protective barrier about 8 meters in radius. This round does not allow the blood of teammates standing inside to drop to 40 (it will raise their blood to 40 if they are below 40 when entering this round). The device lasts 8 seconds before it runs out, and maybe destroyed. This has a 20-second cooldown.

Baptiste’s Ultimate: Amplification Matrix

Baptiste creates a curtain that doubles the damage and healing effects of allies piercing through the curtain.

The Amplification Matrix is ​​similar in size to Mei’s Ice Wall and is similar in layout. It lasts about 8 seconds.