July 31, 2021


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Overwatch 2 may expect amid delays

Overwatch 2

The famous Overwatch streamer “Metro” has dropped a rumor that Overwatch 2 is experiencing more delays and will not be released anywhere near the February BlizzConline date.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2, the sequel to Game of the Year winner Overwatch, was long awaited after its announcement date of 2019. Developers teased a PvE mode with mission-style episodes where players can learn more about the Overwatch lore. 

They also announced early in 2020 that no additional heroes would be added to Overwatch until the new game was launched.

If Metro is correct, the game has been delayed even further and will not be released soon. Metro is a very popular Overwatch streamer that has been right about its leaks in the past, most notably the leak of the Overwatch 2 announcement ahead of Blizzcon in 2019.

When is Overwatch 2 coming out?

The development team experienced long delays due to work from home, which led to internal problems. All of these issues culminated in a slow pace of action, which means that deadlines are not met, and the game is further delayed.

Metro also says that Blizzard will only show some gameplay and announce a series of exclusive heroes, but fans will have to wait even longer for the release date.

Fans are sure to be disappointed if this is the case when BlizzConline comes around. The online-only convention will take place on February 19-20 and Overwatch has been telling fans that more information will be revealed at the convention. Because the game was revealed in 2019, fans were really hoping for the release date at the beginning of 2021.

If the rumors are true, no one will know when the game is coming out, and it is entirely possible that the game will be delayed until 2022. Because developers have told players that no new heroes will be added until Overwatch 2 is released, they are becoming impatient with the lack of meaningful content.

It doesn’t help Blizzard release job listings for Overwatch 2. This indicates that the game may have a long way to go before it is finished. The Overwatch Team section of the Career page shows a total of 43 listings.

While Overwatch is doing fine in terms of player count, there is some uncertainty as to how the Overwatch League will be going if the game doesn’t start this year. After the event organizers were forced to pull their in-person matches in 2020, the viewership was reduced and the hype that in-person events were created was reduced.

While these speculations have certainly not been confirmed, fans will have to wait until BlizzConline has any concrete information.