August 4, 2021


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Overwatch: A Bug to Use Other Hero Emotes


If you’ve ever been messing around with the emotes of Overwatch and thought, “Hey, this one would look great on another character,” then, I have to show you a bug. Players have discovered an emote-swapping glitch that allows almost any character to play nearly any looping emote.


Emote Swapping Glitch – Overwatch

“Over the weekend, the first video showing the bug seemed to emerge from the YouTube channel “Jeff Why”. In it, as well as a little tutorial on how to replicate it, he shows that the gorilla Winston was doing some dances that he most definitely should not have been doing.

It doesn’t seem too out of place to most of the dance emotes. It actually seemed to Zenyatta that it could have been a real emote for Echo. I’ve also been trying out Sigma’s sitting emote, which works for some characters, but breaks their arms a bit.

If you are using Bastion’s Halloween zombie emote on other heroes that are much shorter than him, the scariest part comes into play. One arm shoots forward while the other drops down when Bastion does it, and he drags his legs like a shambling corpse.

 However, apply that same animation to Torbjorn, and I’m surprised that his body stretches and contorts so much that no one tried to exorcise him.

It’s pretty easy to replicate if you fancy giving the emote-swapping a go yourself. It only works in Mystery Heroes, so queue up for that game mode and quickly hop into the hero gallery while looking to pick the character you want to knock an emote from.

A looping one like most sitting or dancing ones must be the emote you pick, or it won’t work. Then, when the emote wheel asks, where do you want your chosen emote to be assigned, click it right before you get into the match.

If you die in a match, your emotes are reset as a new character is rolled out. A little extra incentive, I suppose, to not die.