July 31, 2021


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Overwatch: Headline Hero – How to play Roadhog



In Overwatch, Roadhog is a cold-blooded assassin who is known for his ruthlessness and madness.

Roadhog bio

  • Position: Tank
  • Real name: Mako Rutledge
  • Age 48
  • Occupation: Used to be an executor. The time now is Bodyguard
  • Head office: Junkertown, Australia

After the Omnic Crisis, the government formally assigned the Omnium and surrounding areas to the Omnics – the rebels that nearly destroyed the country – with a desire to conclude a lasting peace treaty. These negotiations unknowingly dismissed people like Mako Rutledge as well as a large number of Outback citizens.

Filled with anger at the loss of their home, Mako and others in the same plight became violent rebels. They founded the Australia Liberation Front and went on to reclaim the omnium and lost lands. Things became irreversible when the rebels destroyed the Fusion Core of the Omnium resulting in an explosion that completely destroyed the area and contaminated the whole area.

Mako silently watched her homeland become ruined and gradually forgotten. Since then, Mako has changed completely.

In order to adapt to the environment, Mako wears a face and is equipped with weapons from the wreckage after the explosion. The old mako is dead. Humanity is gone now, leaving only immeasurable ferocity.

Skills of Roadhog


Scrap Gun (Left / Right Mouse)

His gun is quite large and its damage is not small at all. When using the left mouse button, he will fire a burst of metal fragments that can “1 hit” fragile hero. When using the right mouse button, he will fire a relatively large bullet and the flight range will be longer, but its damage will be less than the shotgun shells.

Roadhog moves relatively slowly and most enemy champions will try to avoid you instead of fighting you. Use ranged bullets to poke and grab shotgun beams as soon as someone approaches you.

Take a Breather (E)

The self-healing skill, Take a Breather, is the skill that makes him extremely powerful. Combined with his abundant health, it will take a long time to be able to destroy him, so most enemies will focus on destroying other allied heroes before switching to him.

Remember that the skill takes a long chant so you won’t be able to attack or move. Also, the health regen will increase rapidly but not immediately, so choose a hiding place before using this skill.

Chain Hook (Left Shift)

Roadhog has the same skill to pull enemy champions as Butcher of Dota or Blitzcrank of League of Legends. Chain Hook will require you to have a good targeting ability and an ability to estimate its usage in order to deliver quality pulls. When pulling, use 1 shotgun shot and a basic attack is enough to 1 hit any fragile champion.

Whole Hog (Q)

His ultimate is best used to neutralize enemy pushes instead of taking kills. When activated, he will start firing his machine gun continuously and each hit will push the enemy back and deal a decent amount of damage. When you’re defending a push, use the Whole Hog to temporarily push them back and buy time for your teammates to focus and attack back.

Tactic for Roadhog

The main purpose of the Roadhog is to pull the enemy out of their formation and destroy them. But to achieve this goal will take good skills as well as patience. Good players will always know the danger he brings, so they will find a way to keep their distance or avoid him. Take advantage of this mentality to constantly pressure and create space for your teammates.

Chain Hook is a very intimidating skill and in addition to the single catches, try to use them to cancel the last skills of enemy heroes like Pharah’s Barrage ultimate, or McCree’s Deadeye. A simple pull, but breaking an ultimate is extremely talkative. However, you also need to pay attention to the position of your team before launching the hook. If you pull on fragile targets, your teammates can immediately close in and destroy the enemy with you.

But there are also situations where you accidentally drag Reinhardt in and squeeze the team extremely. There have been cases where Roadhog immediately pulled D.Va’s self-destruct skill and the result wiped out the enemy team. So please be responsible for your pull.

He is a hero with a very clear and easy-to-understand skill set. Practice your pull well and bring fear into the enemy team.