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Overwatch – Instructions on how to play D.Va

Instructions on how to play D.Va

Instructions on how to play D.Va

D.Va is the most mobile hero tank in the game. Driving an armor equipped with teeth, she unleashes his attack power with 2 Fusion Cannon that never runs out of bullets. Defend or defend your allies with Defense Matrix, or escape or fight quickly thanks to the jet mounted on the armor. Her ultimate is Self-Destruct – also a huge form of Hanzo equivalent, both effective and cumulative damage just break the enemy team.

D.Va ’s Fusion Cannons

Instructions on how to play D.Va

D.Va‘s main weapon is as strong and intimidating as the Roadhog. Fusion Cannons fire fairly quickly and do not need to reload, but it will greatly reduce movement speed.

The accuracy is only relative because of the shotgun form, Fusion Cannons is only strong at short and medium-range and at long range, the accuracy is very bad – the damage is also bad.

Using Fusion Cannons is easy, you don’t need to aim very well or practice much because the bullets are spread over a wide range, but when used at medium and close range, try to headshot to get more advantages.


The skill helps D.Va become mobile and can be used for many purposes. Booster only has 5 seconds to recover, so you should always take advantage of it when possible, moreover, it is similar to Genji’s Swift Strike – meaning you can drive in all directions.

Use Booster:

  • Fly to the location of the healing package
  • Return to war zone faster after death
  • Takes the opponent down the cliff when possible (also deals 25 damage when colliding with the target)
  • Cover and harass the opponent, especially support or heroes
  • Move continuously to multiple locations in the map to confuse the opponent
  • Avoid the enemy’s ultimate
  • Withdrew when the skull of the teammate shows up too much

D.Va ’s Defense Matrix

Instructions on how to play D.Va

Defense Matrix is ​​a skill used to protect the kidneys and teammates very well, it can block all types of ammunition flying to you but only in front of you but not behind.

Use Defense Matrix to block the final moves:

  • Road Hog’s Whole Hog
  • Soldier’s Tactical Visor 76
  • McCree’s deadeye
  • Reaper’s Death Blossom
  • Barrage of Pharah
  • Tank form of Bastion
  • Zarya’s Graviton Surge while flying

Defense Matrix will not block:

  • Melee attacks
  • Ray-type weapons such as Symmetra – Zarya – Winston or Mei’s Endothermic Blaster
  • Lucio Soundwave
  • Zenyatta’s Discord Orb
  • Symmetra’s Sentry Turret
  • Roadhog’s Chain Hook


D.Va activates the self-destruct mode of the armor and jumps out, the armor will explode after 3 seconds in a large range.

How to use Self-Destruct:

Used to disperse enemy forces, when you turn on Self-Destruct, the enemy will pop out to find cover, creating space for you and your teammates to occupy Objective. In addition, you can set up strong winged heroes waiting to catch the enemy who is hiding from Self-Destruct.

Use Self-Destruct when you are almost out of blood, in case you are surrounded by enemies and your blood is dropping quickly and evenly, you should use Self-Destruct, this will help you get a new suit of armor – and Heals you fully.

Combo Booster + Self-Destruct is very strong, it has a high element of surprise but it is difficult to use because you do not have the exact location and time of the explosion. But it is the most effective way, you should take this combo as default when using Self-Destruct.

D.Va’s Light Gun

When losing the armor, D.Va will be very lonely because there is no other skill. In return, the Light Gun with a very fast rate of fire makes her still very scary, especially since the damage from this gun is not reduced by distance, so the total damage is even more than Fusion Cannons. So despite losing your armor, you still deal massive damage at all distances.

When the armor was destroyed

When the armor runs out of the blood and jumps out, you can adjust the jump direction corresponding to the WASD buttons, if no button is pressed then D.Va will jump back by default.

Tips to quickly recover the armor

If you lose the armor near the respawn point, you can run into the indoor healing area and switch to another hero and then exchange her, you will get a new armor but% of the last move will go.

Call Mech

Without armor, every 2 seconds D.Va will receive 1% of the Call Mech ultimate, the Light Gun can also be quickly charged when hitting the target. When calling down the armor, she will deal 50 damage and knock the enemy near the landing area. Depending on the situation you will decide whether to use Call Mech or not, because when away, the Light Gun is completely more beneficial and Fusion Cannons is not, so before calling down the new armor, you should determine yourself. what to do next.