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Overwatch – Instructions on how to play Doomfist

Instructions on how to play Doomfist

Instructions on how to play Doomfist

Doomfist is famous for its shock damage and maneuverability, with a precise combo you can easily vaporize a 200hp enemy in just 2s, and if you are successful, his flying ability is something anyone must be wary of. His biggest critical drawback is that the giant Hitbox comes with the skillset through many risks of him, if you don’t come in and fight skillfully, you will easily be shocked to death.

Doomfist ’s The Best Defense (passive)

Instructions on how to play Doomfist

He gains 30 additional shields for each enemy hit one of his three basic abilities. Add 75 shields for each enemy hit Ulti. Maximum of 150 shields, making his health up to 400hp. The shield automatically decreases by 3 points per second, with a 1s delay before starting to decrease.

Perhaps not having to say too much about this skill anymore, is a crucial skill for the survival of Doomfist, simply say the more you hit the more buffalo. Very good support for many flip flops.

Hand Cannon

He only has a long-range attack, which shoots out 11 bullets, each with 6 damage, a total of 66 damage (not including a headshot). There are 4 bullets, bullets are automatically charged at a speed of 0.65s / bullet.

Doomfist is the most disregarded thing, but it is a disastrous mistake, in fact, if used properly, the left mouse is one of his biggest sources of damage.

Doomfist ’s Seismic Slam

Instructions on how to play Doomfist

He leaps forward and punches the ground, knocking all enemies in front, dealing 0-125 damage depending on the time in the air. Cooldown: 7s

One of the key combo his skills, in addition to helping escape in some cases.

Rising Uppercut

He punches the enemy forward, knocking him into the air. Deals 50 damage. Cooldown: 7s.

A necessary skill in combos, in addition to helping Doom get the height in some cases.

Doomfist’s Rocket Punch

After gong, Doom thrusts forward throwing enemies backward, dealing additional damage if the enemy hits the wall. Deal 50-100 direct damage and 50-150 damage when hitting a wall depending on the duration of the gong (250 total damage). Total gong time to deal maximum damage: 1s. Cooldown: 4s his branding skills, with just enough play, he can one-shot almost any non-Tank Hero.

Doomfist ’s Meteor Strike – Ultimate

The hero flies into the sky, disappears from the map, then takes 1 second before punching down to deal damage. The total damage is 300 in the center of the circle, the further away it is from the center of damage.

His Ulti, which supports combos and in some cases can be used to escape.

Doomfist’s combos



Doomfist’s basic skills will require it for more complex techniques.

How to use:

  • Just press the jump on the fly, it will take you one more paragraph

When to use:

  • To run from home faster
  • To increase the distance traveled

Tip: You can use this technique to jump on some places where normal jump cannot.



An advanced skill of punching and jumping

How to use:

  • On the fly, quickly turn the mouse left or right and click jump, inertia will help you fly an extra distance in the direction you turn.

When to use:

  • Help Doomfist move between corners faster
  • Attack the target in an unexpected direction


Can only be used in certain locations, usually, things with slopes to slide or small objects (roofs, stones or corners)

How to use:

  • Timing is the golden rule here, watching the GIF again, you have to punch in such specific positions and click and jump at the right moment to prepare to hit the object.
  • It takes quite a bit of time to master this skill, but basically it’s all a matter of timing.

When to use:

  • To go to high places that cannot be reached by Uppercut (Shift)
  • To fly to the high ground without using Uppercut (Uppercut requires 7s cooldown, Rocket Punch (RMB) only needs 4s, in addition to holding Uppercut can be used for combo). Here is a typical example.