July 30, 2021


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Overwatch: Instructions on how to play Reaper



If you want to play a team game but like to shine or show your personal skills, then Reaper is one of the standard heroes that doesn’t need to be adjusted in that field. Instead of having to go with his teammates, he is self-reliant, scouting, and flanking the opponent. The skillset is prone to sneak attack, he easily sneaks into the enemy’s backline, taking the element of surprise to make victory. His forte is also to destroy stakes or stakes like Bastion – Widowmaker.

The Reaping


The skill that makes Reaper the master of “independence” without relying much on teammates or healing packages. When taking down life, the enemy’s soul will appear, only he can see and collect this soul, each soul will help him heal 50 health. The soul will exist until the enemy revives, when full of blood, he will no longer be able to pick it up, but it will still drop normally.

Hellfire Shotguns


His shotguns are extremely powerful at close range. Talking about the DPS (damage per second) record, the first is Bastion in Sentry form, second is Reaper at close range.

His ranged damage drops a lot starting from mid-range onwards, at which point the enemy won’t see you at all. However, at mid-range, the shotgun pair still works with big targets like Roadhog – Reinhardt – Winston – D. Va.

Aiming at a target isn’t that difficult, but it also takes a little practice to master it. The key is to grasp the rate of fire of the gun (Rate of Fire), then when you hold the left mouse button you must constantly and evenly pan the mouse with the movement speed of the target.

Wraith Form – Reaper

Wraith Form makes him immune to all damage and penetrates targets (not through walls) and moves a little faster. Mainly used to pass choke points and avoid enemy fire, take advantage of a little more movement speed, you can use Wraith Form to run out Objective faster when you just die. Note that you cannot cancel the Wraith Form, you have to wait for it to expire, while you can do nothing but move.

Choosing his position on the map is also very important because the workmanship is behind the scenes, so he should be near the edge of the map or the nooks. Wraith Form is very beneficial when you use it to move through these places, both creating surprise for the opponent and creating an escape route for you. Reaper will be extremely “fragile” when in lonely places – with no hiding places – with no paths at the edge of the map.

Tips for using Reaper

  • In order to maximize the power of the Reaper, you need to have the ability to shoot accurately, because if you burst into the battlefield of the enemy team and you all miss, it will definitely turn into the target of the enemy team.
  • You need to judge and use Shadow Step accurately. Because just a little carelessness turns the wrong position, you will expose your position and can die instantly
  • Let’s combine the Shadow Step and Wraith Form really well. Use Shadow Step to enter the battlefield and use Wraith Form to safely retreat or vice versa. Wraith Forms, if used properly, will probably know you’ve become almost immortal.
  • Even though he is very powerful, make sure there are 1 or 2 teammates nearby. One is to assist you, distract the enemy from reaching you. Second, you can guarantee a safe retreat.
  • His ultimate is powerful, but you need to turn it on at the right time. For example, in the last seconds when the enemy team rushes into the target area, you can turn in the middle and then turn on the last skill. While being able to take a bunch of kills and complete the goal of the match.