July 27, 2021


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Overwatch: Instructions on how to play Sigma



Sigma is a pure tanker champion similar to Reinhardt and Orisa that came out before. This is a valuable addition to Overwatch when this MOBA shooter title has a very lack of generals with pure resistance.

The hero has a 3-star rating, which means this is a difficult champion to play and needs to be someone who has spent several hundred hours to grasp and play proficiently. So if you are new to Overwatch, please take a break from playing this hero and practice with heroes with easier levels.

How To Play Sigma In Overwatch


Understand Sigma’s Role In The Team

To get started with playing any champion in MOBA games, any player needs to have a good understanding of the hero’s role in the game and in the lineup. For Sigma, this is a pure tanker general with poor maneuverability, despite possessing a long-range weapon, but has a short-range.

He is not suitable for roles such as solo ganking, tire hooking, or fast confrontation. This general is effective when being near teammates, acting as a protective shield for teammates, controlling and controlling hot areas with crowded people, these are also areas where his skill set promotes. get maximum strength.

When to Use Sigma


When the team needs a tank that is strong enough to storm the front line and is missing a champion that can dominate the area, Sigma is the right choice. If there are teammates playing Pharah, this duo will be a formidable combo on the battlefield. His weapon – Hyperspheres is extremely effective in narrow corridors because of the ability to constantly bounce, but should also limit fighting in these areas.

He has a large body, so this character’s hitbox is also very wide, can shield a lot for his teammates, but at the same time is also a very easy target to take many types of damage because of this general’s slowness. So never let him fall into an overwhelming situation in terms of the number of enemies, retreat as soon as possible, and wait for your teammates to support.

How to Use Skills Correctly

  • Skill 1: His Experimental Barrier has an advantage over Reinhart or Orisa’s shields because he can precisely place the position the player wants, he can immediately shield critical positions such as the ribs. , behind your back without having to get to that position.
  • Skill 2: Kinetic Grasp is very effective when surrounded by a many enemy‚Äôs heroes, this is also a skill that helps him control the area effectively by absorbing damage into armor for himself, forcing the enemy to lose ability The ability to deal damage over a period of time creates opportunities for allies.
  • Skill 3: Accretion is a skill that deals damage and controls effectively, even eliminating an enemy immediately by knocking him off a cliff.
  • Ultimate skill: Gravitic Flux with the ability to control a large area, disable and damage a large number of enemies in the area.

Counter Heroes You Need To Note

With his slow and always close to his teammates, Roadhog with the Chain Hook skill can pull Sigma away from the team and cause this champion to be beaten to the council when he cannot turn his hand. It is important to pay attention to the champions that have control ability that makes him unable to perform skills or quickly remove him from the safe area, losing the effectiveness of this champion in combat.