July 30, 2021


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Overwatch: Instructions on how to play Soldier 76

Soldier 76

Soldier 76

Soldier 76 is a typical character in the style of “Call of Duty”, with a high-tech rifle, those who are new to playing this hero will feel that he has something that is both strange and familiar but very easy to play.

Heavy Pulse Rifle – Soldier 76

 Soldier 76

There is some information about rifle of Soldier 76 that you must know to play well:

  • Ammo from a Heavy Pulse Rifle is hitscan which means there will be no ballistics. The system will calculate the moment you left-click and check if the target is in the red heart, if so it will hit. The trajectory of the bullet is only symbolic, but in fact, you do not need to time the bullet.
  • The damage will decrease when shot at long range
  • The gun’s stability will decrease gradually when you hold down the shot button. The first three shots will always be right at the heart, but starting with the 4th, the bull’s eye will begin to burst and the bullets fired are no longer absolutely accurate.
  • Calm will stabilize again after a period of time (1-2 seconds after cease-fire)

Helix Rockets

 Soldier 76

The Helix Rockets are similar to Pharah’s rockets and fly a little faster, even with the same damage. The Helix Rockets are very powerful when you shoot fixed targets like Bastion with stakes – Torbjorn’s gun mound, or slow-moving sandbags like Roadhog.

You can also use the Helix Rockets to put damage on an area, for example, Zarya uses Graviton Surge to merge the enemy into one – the chance for you to fire a missile then re-shoot a few more shots to finish. You should also remember to take advantage of this technique when possible, many players often forget to take care of and only worry about shooting at the target.

Pulse Rifle + Helix Rockets is a duo that helps Soldier 76 become extremely powerful in duels, especially at close range. When encountering an enemy at close range, you should shoot Helix Rockets towards the ground to increase your chances of hitting the target, in case you do not hit directly, still deal a little splash damage.

Sprint – Soldier 76

Skills help Soldier 76 become extremely mobile in battle and even … revive after death.

You have to hold the W button while pressing Shift while using Sprint if you release W, you have to press Shift again. While using Sprint, you cannot use any other skills, not even attacking, but jumping is carefree.

Biotic Field

Biotic Field helps him to become a reluctant sub-healer, but only temporarily. The location of the healing stakes is also important, especially places where you and your teammates can push in and hide – for example, a corner near Objective.

The best use cases of Biotic Field:

  • Biotic Field is very beneficial when used in Control maps, it will give teammates a considerable amount of healing to endure, especially when the Objective has been captured.
  • You can also take advantage of the Assault maps because teammates will gather there before and after.
  • Putting Biotic Field on a cart will give you a more powerful mobile potion when the cart heals you and your teammates too little in times of emergency.

Another small note is that you should turn on the display of teammates’ health in case this display is turned off. OPTIONS -> CONTROLS -> Select ALL HEROES to SOLDIER 76 -> ALLIED HEALTH BARS – ON.

Tactical Visor – Soldier 76

The Tactical Visor is also similar to McCree’s Deadeye because of the ability to target and lock on its own, literally “hack auto-target”, but in principle is a bit different. When Soldier 76 turns on the Tactical Visor, the target closest to the heart will be locked and the bullets fired will be aimed at that target.

Points to note when enabling Tactical Visor:

  • Should focus on targets with 250 health or less
  • Place Biotic Field to help you hold out and use your ultimate.
  • Utilize to capture more sneaky targets like Tracer and Genji, but be careful when Genji uses Deflect.
  • When you see a target with a shield or shield, immediately switch to another target to avoid wasting time and ammo.
  • Works well with team control skills like Reinhardt – Zarya – Mei.