April 14, 2021


Game CMD 368

Overwatch – Introducing Hero Bastion – Robot warrior



Bastion in Overwatch has given players a true concept of a defensive general with the ability to change form and shoot down everyone who dares to step into his sights.

For players with a good understanding of Overwatch map terrain, he can stand alone against the entire attack of the enemy team. If you like to relax, sit 1 seat and pan the mouse, he will be a great choice.

Skills of Bastion


Configuration: Recon / Configuration: Sentry

His main damage will depend a lot on the type that he is using. When he is in Recon form, he can move around and use his machine gun to do a decent amount of damage.

But the main function in the Recon state is to move to find the right location to switch to your Sentry form. In this state, he will change shape, transforming into an 8-barrel machine gun with 200 bullets magazine, extremely fast rate of fire, and complete damage that can take down a shield-filled Reinhardt in less than 5 seconds.

Self-Repair (E)


This skill helps Bastion to work independently and effectively. He can manually move to find the angle of fire for his Sentry form without having to have any support generals follow him.

If you are attacked, retreat, and use Self Repair, because you will not be able to attack or move at this time. There is absolutely no limit to use this self-repair skill so use it regularly to recover well and return to the battlefield.

Reconfigure (Left Shift) – Bastion

As mentioned above, using the left Shift will cause him to switch between Recon and Sentry. Recon will give her mobility, while Sentry will give her strength.

Configuration: Tank (Q)

He can be converted to the 3rd form, its ultimate form: the tank. While in the tank form, he can move around and shoot explosive bullets with tremendous destructive power.

Once the enemy hears the switching sound, most of them will only know where to hide because 1 bullet exploding in the Tank form is enough to destroy 1 target. The more gathered the enemy, the more the damage spread will benefit Bastion.

Strategy of Bastion

Even in the period when Overwatch has not officially opened, he was famous for being one of the overpowered heroes on the battlefield. In his Sentry form, he will be a top threat to the entire enemy team.

However, once the opponent realizes his presence in the enemy team, they will begin to adapt and find strategies and champions that can take down him from a distance that he cannot target.

And at this point, Bastion will become a burden for the team as they are constantly being beaten without being able to do anything. So, change your hero when you feel him is no longer effective. Or choose him at key times such as when changing directions to escort packages close to home, or when the enemy is massively flying in to capture the target.

To use this hero well, you need to have a good understanding of the topography of the map you are playing so that you can choose the location for him at the best angles. These locations should be places where you won’t be too exposed to be targeted for Widowmaker or Hanzo, and also where you can get a good shot angle.

Work with your teammates to ensure that he always has timely support to continuously inflict damage. Reinhardt + Bastion is always a very headache combo for any team that wants to penetrate.