July 27, 2021


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Overwatch: January Meta Tier List 2021


It may be a new year, but the competitive target of Overwatch still looks the same. Since the beginning of December, Overwatch has not received any balance changes or tweaks for the heroes, and the meta has become stale.


In the tank position, there is not much diversity, with many teams needing both Sigma and Wrecking Ball to remain competitive. Unfortunately, DPS options are also quite scarce. Due to its damage and flexibility, Echo and Ashe were the dominant pair on the ranked ladder. 

McCree and Tracer are not bad options, but there is no reason not to play a hero with a Mercy in each game that can benefit from the pocket healer. As far as ranked play goes, general compositions are pretty set, but an experimental card on the horizon could help open things up in the future.

Tier 1: Optimal Heroes with Synergy and High Win Rates – Overwatch

Ashe / Baptiste / Echo / Mercy / McCree / Orisa / Sigma / Wrecking Ball

These characters are easily the most frequently played heroes in the current competitive scene. In each position, they generally synergize and provide so much value. Best of all, if left unchecked, each character has the capacity to take over a game. 

This makes both teams usually play the same compositions. The easiest answer to a strong opposition is mirror compositions. Expect these characters to remain popular even after the experimental changes have taken place.

Tier 2: Good Tier 1 alternatives and Overall Still Viable

Brigitte / Hanzo / Mei / Moira / Junkrat / Torbjorn / Tracer / Zenyatta

Tracer and Zenyatta are miles closer to the first tier than the rest of the heroes with regard to the characters on this list. Zenyatta is borderline Tier 1 at the moment, but he does stay a tricky support to play in lower ranks. 

Tracer is similar in a way, because if the player doesn’t know how to handle specific situations, both characters are mechanically demanding and easily punished. Based on maps and comps, the rest of the options here are great choices.

Tier 3: Good picks for situations but less strong overall – Overwatch

Ana / D.Va / Genji / Lucio / Pharah / Roadhog / Sombra / Symmetra / Winston / Zarya

Considering how each map still dictates which heroes can succeed or which are weaker, it is tempting to put almost every character here. As most ranked tanks enjoy playing the damage-heavy tank, Roadhog is an exciting hero.

 Interestingly, he pairs well with Sigma, but can often find himself in trouble without a team to back him up. Zarya can assist, but since the end of the Overwatch League, the tank combo hasn’t been as effective.

Tier 4: Success within the current meta is difficult 

Bastion / Doomfist / Reaper / Reinhardt / Widowmaker

Even though Reinhardt may be stuck down here, the crusader still has plenty of room to thrive. Both Reinhardt and Reaper, particularly on maps like King’s Row, can still find a bit of success in pure Rush compositions. 

Thanks to the strength of Asher and Echo, they don’t fit into the current meta traditionally, but sometimes a comfort pick can still find a win.