July 27, 2021


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Overwatch League Season 2021 ‘s Team Building Rules

Overwatch League season 2021

Overwatch League season 2021

Despite a rocky start, Overwatch League Season 2020 is about to come to an end. The Playoffs round will begin in March, XNUMX. Votes were opened to MVP. As this season comes to an end, the Overwatch League reveals their plans for the Overwatch League Season 2021 Team Building Rules.

Important Date

Overwatch League season 2021
  • May 14, 2020, 2021: Teams can prepare their Overwatch League Season XNUMX roster. They can sign any freelance agent that currently does not have a contract with another Overwatch League team.
  • 21 May 2020, 2021: Teams not participating in the Playoffs can negotiate with their players for Overwatch League Season 2020. Only players who are already on the team and have contracts that expire after the XNUMX season eligible.
  • 12 December 2020, XNUMX: Teams can send player transactions to the Federation Office.
  • 23 20-20202021, XNUMX: Players who are not contracted by an Overwatch League team for the XNUMX season become freelance agents.
  • 23rd May 2020: Teams must have their Overwatch League Season XNUMX roster ready. To meet Confederation requirements, teams must sign at least seven players.

The minimum age to join the Overwatch League is still 18 years old. This season, players born on or before 30 March 2021, can join the Overwatch League for the XNUMX season.

Two Types Of Players ‘Contracts In Overwatch League

Overwatch League season 2021

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teams had to contract players for a shorter duration than usual. This 30-day contract allows teams to test out a player before signing them for an entire season, or fill in the void left by a player due to a denied visa or illness.

As for building the Overwatch League Season 2021 roster, teams can decide between two contracts for their players:

  • The contract lasts the whole season: players will join the team for at least one season, up to three seasons.
  • 30-day contract: players will join the team for 30 days. After this date, they are no longer affiliated with the group and become freelance agents.

Teams cannot sign a 30-day contract unless they already have seven players under a season-long contract.

Finally A Punch At Overwatch League season 2021

Overwatch League season 2021

A two-way contract is a contract signed by one player and both an Overwatch League team and an Overwatch Contenders team. Two teams “share” players, who will play sometimes in the Alliance and other times in the Contenders.

To further spur this transition between the Overwatch Rivals and Overwatch League, there won’t be any limit to the number of two-way players on a team. Furthermore, players who have signed on to an Overwatch League team without an academy team are now eligible to participate in Contenders competitions. Teams will be able to loan their players to the Contenders team. All player loans must be submitted to the Confederation Office for approval. Up to three two-way players can compete on the same team in a Contenders match, to maintain fair in games.

This is good news for the Contenders context, as out of the academy’s 17 teams, only 7 are still active in the 2020 season. The new option in Overwatch League Season 2021 allowing two-way players outside of academy teams would allow for more. Players join more contenders.