April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Overwatch: Pharah, The Egyptian Female Warrior



If you love the game Quake or Team Fortress 2, Pharah in Overwatch will remind you of a lot of memories with shooting rockets that fly slowly from all sides. This is a champion with a great ability to fly and jump from a very powerful angle that few people can expect. But sometimes over-jumping will also get your opponent’s attention. If you love surprise attacks and enjoy flying, she is a great choice.

Skills of Pharah


Rocket Launcher (Left mouse)

Weapon of Pharah is a large gun that shoots slow-flying rockets but deals direct damage and damage spread when exploding. To be able to use them effectively, you need to practice “lead shot”, which means estimating the distance and destination of the missile. You need to focus on defeating the enemy with direct shots instead of expecting the missile to explode in the spread because the damage is not really much.

Concussive Blast (E)

This skill will shoot a missile but do no damage, knock the opponent away, or push her out of dangerous situations. Although this skill is not as valued as the other characters’ kicking skills, it still has its own effectiveness in certain situations.

You can knock enemies gathered on targets or push them off when they are at the edge of the map for easy kills. If the enemy is moving too fast and you cannot hit, knocking them towards the wall will help you to align better.

Jump Jet (Left Shift) – Pharah


This is a unique skill in Overwatch that helps Pharah fly straight into the sky, allowing her to have great angles to burn opponents with his missiles. Her only problem is that using this skill is to reveal his own position and become a very easy target to hit. Good Widowmaker players can quickly shoot down the “birdman” when using the Jump Jets maply because, at that time, it was difficult for her to control his drop point.

Hover Jets (Space)

This skill will usually be combined with Jump Jet to keep her in the air for an extended period of time. Hover Jet will not be able to fly as high as Jump Jet but will also let you fly through moderate obstacles, and you can also glide well using this skill. The best way as mentioned is to use Hover Jet in combination with Jump Jet to get some extra time in the air to deal extra damage.

Barrage (Q) – Pharah

Ultimate of Pharah skill has made a lot of highlights for viewers. She will fire 36 missiles continuously in a very short time period. This is a skill that everyone must be afraid of because the damage it inflicts is extremely terrible, can wipe out entire enemy teams in just a few seconds, Reinhardt’s shield cannot survive through some enemies missile.

Strategy of Pharah

To use her well, you need to practice a lot of lead shot skills to be able to shoot slow-flying rockets accurately. In addition, knowing the topography of the map will help her fly better and have the perfect shot angle.

When in the air, focus on slow-moving targets like Roadhog or Reinhardt because these are difficult to dodge your relatively large rockets. In addition, she can fly overhead or behind the Reinhardt shield very easily, so defeating him is also relatively simple. Or you can attack in the back of the enemy squad to harass snipers like Widowmaker or Hanzo from a good shooting position.

Barrage is a too terrible skill so choosing the angle to launch it is the most important thing for players. In addition, this skill is extremely easy to use, just click, pan the mouse and watch everything shatter in front of your rocket. However, this missile will fly quite wildly, you need to find a position that can hit the most enemies.

The biggest weakness of Pharah is that the heroes have good remote attack abilities like Soldier 76, Widowmaker, or Bastion. Be careful in using Jump Jets, constantly changing the angle it uses to surprise the opponent.