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Overwatch: The Best skins from 2020


Each year, the Overwatch Development Team produces a new set of cosmetics and skins for their respective heroes. Some skins were often released on their own, some skins are used for promotional events, and others are released during seasonal events. 

This year, the Overwatch team released some really amazing skins. Here are the best overwatch hero skins released in 2020.


Shin-Ryeong D.Va’s – Overwatch

The skin was brought to the game during the Halloween Terror event in 2020. Influenced by guardian anime, this skin depicts D.Va as a mid-transformation spirit fox girl, showing her fox ears and six of her fox tails. Her mech is a haunted temple decorated with candles, a stone tile roof, and a beautiful wooden finish.

According to an interview with the artist who created this skin, David Kang, his intention was to depict the nine-tailed fox myth common to other video games.

But he is trying to emphasize her partway through her transformation with a much darker tone. 

This spirit fox skin isn’t just one of the best skins released in 2020, it’s among the best skins ever added to Overwatch.

Gaia Reinhardt 


This year’s Atlantic All-Star skin is absolutely unbelievable. The theme of the 2020 All-Star skins was heaven and earth. The skin of the Reinhardt Atlantic, Gaia, clearly represents the earth.

It depicts Reinhardt as a mythical protector of the forest, a massive hammer of magically infused wood.The design draws heavily on Germanic and Celtic artwork and folklore, which is perfect for Reinhardt, who is German.

Nowhere is Celtic influence clearer than the tree on his chest, which has a very traditional Celtic tree design. This skin also features Reinhardt in deer antlers, a further addition to northern European folklore.

Above all, they added a magical leaf aura that remains around Reinhardt’s head, indicating that he is a magical fae character.

Submarine Hammond

Many skins for Hammond have been released by the Overwatch team, but with the Submarine Hammond it really outdid itself. This adorable skin showcases Hammond as a submarine pilot with a mustache and captain’s uniform, and his mech as an early, old-school submarine.

When in ball form, his mech looks relatively similar to the Turtle submarine of David Bushnell, circa 1776. All sorts of cool details, including cool lights, a hatch, and even a starfish holding on for dear life, are featured in this nautically themed skin.

Masquerade Reaper – Overwatch

For the 2020 Anniversary event, Reaper’s Masquerade skin has been released. In 19th century scarlet formal wear, the skin depicts the Talon hero, wearing a mask over the eyes of a skeletal head, on top of which rests a bright red hat adorned with two bright yellow feathers.With this outfit, Reaper is more than ready to participate in the 1850s masquerade ball.

This skin is lovely and even includes some ingenious literary references. For one, there is an inscription on the bottom of his shotgun which reads, “The tombs of tortured men are beneath your dancing feet.”

This is a reference to the Phantom of the Opera, when this very quote is said by the ghost who wears the clothes of Red Death.The name of the skin itself is a reference to the Red Death Masque, a book written by Edgar Allen Poe.

Sand Castle Bastion


This Sand Castle Bastion skin converts the hero into a playful sand castle, replete with various brightly colored plastic buckets and plastic joints to ensure the integrity of the castle construction, first released during the 2020 Summer Games event.

This skin is a very innovative and interesting depiction of Bastion that transforms the character with a whole new theme. This skin is in some ways reminiscent of the 2019 Lego Bastion skin, which also tried to transform the turret hero into something more playful.

Surf’s Up Echo – Overwatch

During the 2020 Summer Games event, the Surf’s Up skin for Echo was introduced into the game. This very cool summer-themed skin modifies the wings of Echo into surf boards and adds to her head and body a cool water texture. This skin certainly offers those summer beach sunset vibes with its bright yellow to orange gradients and bright blue accent colors.

Celestial D.Va

The Pacific All-Stars skin 2020 represents the heavens. This skin is influenced by the mythology of the heavens in Asia and portrays D.Va as a heavenly god from the sky.

This beautifully polished and radiant skin features carefully curved corners and a breathtaking palette of white, gold and blue colours. The shoulders of the mech are like clouds, and the golden wings rest on the crown of the unit. The Character models for both D.Va and her MEKA also feature an animated of the sky.

It’s a top-tier skin, and it’s potentially one of the best skins of 2020.