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Overwatch: Year of the Ox event will launched on February 4

Year of the Ox event

Overwatch has reported via Twitter that the new Lunar New Year event for 2021, the Year of the Ox event, will be launched on consoles and PCs on February 4.

Year of the Ox event

Overwatch D.Va highlight intro

Set to debut a new D.Va highlight intro, It has unveiled the dates for the Year of the Ox event. The event will start on February 4th and ends on February 25th. Usually, events like this will introduce highlight intros, new skins, emotes, icons, and sprays.

In the upcoming days leading up to the event, Overwatch will most probably announce more new content than has been the case with past events. The Twitter account of Overwatch will release one new skin or exciting new content each day. 

With the announcement, D.Va was the first to be teased with a latest highlight intro. It shows D.Va popping out of her mech as if it were her ultimate, rather than her mech exploding like a bomb, the whole thing turns into a firework show in the sky.

New content is coming to Overwatch Lunar New Year 2021

The webpage has not yet been updated for the Year of the Ox event, but fans can usually expect the same Overwatch new content that was added to the game last year for the Year of the Rat. 

Lunar New Year themed skins have always been among the most anticipated cosmetics to be added, and developers usually add 5 to 8 new skins for each event. Last year, the Lunar New Year event saw a new highlight intro, seven new skins and two new emote.

Like always, the new items added to the game will cost 3,000 coins, but the older event specific additions will be lower in price. Some items will also be unlocked only through weekly challenges. 

The game has been implementing weekly challenges as a way for players to earn new skins rather than having to get lucky and get them out of the loot boxes. 

Every week, players can win skins, emotes and sprays by winning three, six and nine games, respectively. The ninth win generally unlocks a particularly desirable skin that cannot be obtained in any other way until the following year.

Which games modes are in Overwatch Lunar New Year? – Year of the Ox event

Lunar New Year was the only event where players could play the capture flag game mode, but players liked it so much that it was introduced to the rotation for weekly arcade game modes. 

Last year, Capture the flag blitz was added, where teams are much closer together and six chatures are required to win instead of the standard three.

In the past, capture the flag mode has also been added to the Overwatch arcade section of the game. The competitive mode of capture the flag mode was added in 2018 and is likely to be available again this year. 

The mode still requires a series of ten ranking matches to determine the skill ranking and players can receive up to four competitive points for each game they win. Since there are no draw results in the game mode, winning is the only way to get competitive points.