April 19, 2021


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Overwatch: Zarya – The Female Russian Soldier



In this article, we will give gamers all information as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the character Zarya – The world’s most powerful woman.

Character biography


The real name of Zarya is Aleksandra Zaryanova, known as the world’s most powerful woman, a great athlete who sacrifices his career reputation to protect family – friends – home from the bloody war.

She was born and raised in a small Siberian village, which was also a war zone during the Omnic crisis. When she was a child around her was only a remnant of war, she promised herself that she would have to be strong to protect and help people.

Focusing on fitness training, she was immediately noticed by the national athlete program. Practicing harder, she increasingly gained popularity in the national flag colors and always set new records.

During the match, an attack from the Omnium factory and her village was dragged into war once more. Withdrawing from the contest to rush home and join the fighting force, she gave up a life of money and fame to fulfill her dream of protecting everyone.

Some see her as a monument, others see her as an irreplaceable soldier in the Overwatch army.

Skills of Zarya


Energy (Passive)

Gain additional mana when her shields absorb damage from enemy attacks

Zarya starts with 0 Energy and can reach up to 100 Energy. Mana is obtained when Particle Barrier or Projected Barrier absorbs damage, at a rate of 1% of mana for every 5 damage points absorbed. For every 1 Energy, she has Zayra’s Particle Cannon damage increases by 1%. Energy will slowly decay overtime at 1.6% per second.

Maintaining a high energy level is very important to her gameplay. At its low energy level, she is not a major threat. At a high Energy level, she is a significant lethal that enemy armies often ignore in times of danger.

Particle Cannon (Left Mouse + Right Mouse): Her cannon unleashes a boss of energy beams capable of destroying targets. In addition, she can also shoot a block of explosive grenades to destroy multiple targets at the same time.

Particle Barrier (Shift): her cannon can create a personal shield to block attacks from the enemy, and use the absorbed energy to upgrade the damage and range of the weapon.

Projected Barrier (E): she envelops one of his teammates with an energy shield, which acts like the Particle Barrier in converting the opponent’s power into his own.

Graviton Surge (Q): Zarya unleashes a force field bomb, sucking all enemies into the bomb’s center while damaging the entire process.

How to play Zarya

She appears in Overwatch as a tanker in the lineup. With an undeniable skillset, she can sweep on her own or save a visible goal to her teammates with her “E” skill.

Her gameplay is very diverse, but the most basic is still sweeping upwards, taking damage to teammates. She is a champion that is able to fight on his own without the help of anyone.

You should explore the maps, find narrow spaces, and take her along those spaces, she can be called the strongest in narrow spaces with a skill set that can absorb enemy damage. Once you have played this hero well, we will give you a small combo tip as follows.

When you have the ultimate of Zarya, you choose which enemies stand close together or close together, then launch her ultimate ball there to draw the enemy into the ball and shoot the energy balls (right mouse) at ultimate drop off. You can destroy a lot of enemies in the blink of an eye.