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Mobile Legends: Paquito the New Hero Who Will Compete with Chou!

Paquito the

Paquito the

Moonton collaborates with a world-class boxer, Manny Pacquiao to present a new Hero Mobile Legends Paquito. This is a real character! Manny Pacquiao is a Filipino boxer born in 1978 who is still active today.

Paquito the

Adopting the sadism of the world-class boxer, the Hero Paquito was given the nickname The Heavenly Fist. You could say Paquito is the first Hero Boxer to land on the Land of Dawn . It is depicted that this one fighter has a scar on his back. With a fist as hard as iron, Paquito wanders while saving the people from the threat of creatures from The Abyss.

By the way, his presence on the Original Server Mobile Legends will fulfill the number of fighters as many as 20 Hero Fighters. So there are more, hero choices for fighter users !

Let’s take a look at the following!

Paquito Mobile Legends Skill

This hero is designed to have really painful damage! From Passive to Ultimate Skills, all of them have the potential to kill your opponent in one hit. His Passive Skill deals Physical Damage and increases movement speed .

Parry’s buff skill . You can use his skill 1 to escape or beat the enemy because besides movement speed , your damage will also increase.

Well, actually Paquito also has a skill that actually blinks .You can use Skill 2 to chase enemies or run away. Well, the Ultimate Skill is also quite frightening.

This Annihilation Strike skill has moves that are like a deadly boxer. The damage that was issued was not cans! The combination of speed and damage is indeed a dangerous combination.

Paquito the

Not only because of his background as an arena fighter, so he is predicted to be a rival to Hero Chou. However, the abilities and stats of this Hero are not inferior to the Kung Fu Expert.

You may not know that Chou is a Mobile Legends Hero who has the most stable ability statistics. If you are in the right hands, this Kung Fu Master will be a deadly opponent.

Well, it seems that Moonton is now presenting a rival who is the same as Cho Mobile Legends.

While on the Advanced Server, it looks like the players who tested the strength of the Hero Paquito were quite satisfied. The problem is that this one boxer has painful damage and is also easy to master.

This means that friends who have had trouble using Hero Fighter can make Hero Macho an option. Especially when it’s recently released, usually the new Hero will be really OP!

Will Chou’s heyday in Mobile Legends be threatened when Paquito is released? It’s worth the wait!

When will be released?

If everything goes smoothly without any bugs and errors , Moonton will release this Paquito hero in January 2021. We don’t know yet, whether this Hero will again be free by Moonton or have to buy it with Battle Points.

In about two months, the developer has given players two heroes , namely Mathilda ML and Hero Benedetta . However, according to our predictions, Paquito will not be free.

Given the game statistics and the ability of the Boxer who has the potential to fill the Role Offlaner, there could be riots if this one Hero was free. If everyone wants to pick Paquito, it will mess up the game!

Most likely Paquito will be a player favorite!? You should save up for Battle Points or Diamonds just in case. But It is unlikely that Moonton will give him for free. 

That’s all for The New Hero Who Will Compete with Chou! Stay tuned for more news and updates!