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Paradox Esports vs Chiefs Prediction – LPL Pro League – 08/03

Paradox Esports vs Chiefs prediction

Paradox Esports vs Chiefs prediction

Paradox Esports vs Chiefs prediction on August 03, 2021. The excellent victory in the upper bracket helped the Chiefs go straight to the semi-finals. While Paradox Esports had to detour in the lower bracket to be able to participate in this match.

Paradox Esports Overview

This seems to be the luck of Paradox Esports when they encounter a very favorite opponent in the past, Chiefs. Despite its somewhat unstable performance, Paradox Esports is still considered in the upper hand compared to the Chiefs.

The performance of Paradox Esports and Chiefs is also very balanced with 3 wins and 3 losses after the last 6 matches. However, there will still be a gap when Paradox Esports is currently ranked 102nd compared to the Chiefs’ number 119.

Chiefs Overview

The Chiefs themselves even created an interesting phenomenon when defeating Warriors or Rooster to get tickets to go on soon. But when facing an annoying opponent, this match seems to be full of difficulties waiting for the Chiefs to be able to fill his name in the final of LPL Pro League 2021 Season 2. Chiefs are completely at a disadvantage even though they are in the semifinals as a winner against their opponents.

Paradox Esports vs Chiefs prediction

The tireless efforts of the Chiefs are facing a huge barrier because Paradox Esports has always been the team’s rival. However, if you compare the two sides in the win rate of the maps, it is not known which cat will bite because the Chiefs also have certain advantages before entering this bo3 bet. 

Both have no specific parameters with Vertigo and Ancient maps, but Paradox Esports plays well in Mirage, Inferno, and Chiefs can perform impressively in Nuke and especially Overpass with a 100% win rate after 3 matches. 

Therefore, each side will have at least 1 forehand and the high probability that the competition will have to wait until game 3 to decide to see which name deserves to be in the final. Both sides play tit-for-tat right from the pistols round because they know that having a full buy advantage will be an opportunity to quickly create a gap in terms of round wins against the opponent. 

Each Paradox Esports’s member knows how to shine at the right time as well as master the key areas thoroughly thanks to the diverse, highly cohesive gameplay. Chiefs have always made mistakes by being too hasty or losing their temper. This could lead to a defeat for them as Paradox Esports is alert enough to bring advantages with the key round to end the match here.

Paradox Esports vs Chiefs bet prediction

Paradox Esports vs Chiefs match score prediction2 – 1

  • Game 1: Paradox Esports 10 – 16 Chiefs (chọn Chiefs – Under)
  • Game 2: Paradox Esports 16 – 13 Chiefs (chọn Paradox Esports – Over)
  • Game 3: Paradox Esports 16 – 9 Chiefs (chọn Paradox Esports – Under)

First 5 rounds win:

  • Game 1: Chiefs
  • Game 2: Chiefs
  • Game 3: Paradox Esports 


Paradox Esports: rbz, bedonka, zeph, ekul, versa

Chiefs: HUGHMUNGUS, Mayker, soju_j, BL1TZ, gump