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Apex Legends – How to play Pathfinder in Apex Legends



Of the eight character classes in Apex Legends on PC, everyone has special skills and Pathfinder is one of them. Let’s explore how to play this character in the article below!

Pathfinder – assistant robot in Apex Legends


Some players seem to despise Pathfinder because, at a glance, they do not know what this robot is used for. In fact, this is just a supporting character in the game and can help your team to reverse the situation if the player controls well. Therefore, in any critical situation, think of it.

Insider Knowledge – Passive of Pathfinder

Passive enabled will help you find the position of the next lap thanks to the signaling of Pathfinder on the map. As a result, you and your teammates can arrange ambushes or change locations if it is not convenient. Later in the game, this move will work because the circle is getting narrower.

Before using this technique, you need to make sure that the team will be safe because the opponent can take advantage of your loophole to attack. On the other hand, the signals emitted are difficult to find, especially in crowded areas.

Grappling Hook – Q


It can be said that the strength of it is here. When you need a location but cannot jump normally, Grappling Hook will assist you with shooting out and pulling you to the location of the hook.

In addition, this is also a powerful attack because you can use it to pull the opponent back to you and handle him easily. But before using the Grappling Hook, make sure to survey the area because if you are in a battle, you may fall before your teammate’s support!

Zipline Gun – Ultimate

For the terrain you can hardly reach, the Pathfinder ‘s Ultimate will help you place the cable car and move through it. This technique will help you and your teammates to escape quickly on the peaks or create an advantage for the team in the final round.

Note When Playing Pathfinder In Apex Legends

  • It is a very moving character class.
  • Zipline Gun heals pretty quickly, thus you don’t need to bring skill reviews like other classes.
  • Zipline Gun will be disconnected automatically if it is hit by a door or aircraft.
  • Zipline Gun can shoot through trees, however, if the player moves to that area, he will stop himself.
  • Insider Knowledge skill only works when there’s a radar in that area, where the hero can access it.
  • Can use Grappling Hook whereas cable or using Zipline Gun.
  • Grappling Hook can be used to draw enemies close to the Pathfinder.