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PEL 2021 Season 1 Week 2 Standings for PUBG Mobile

PEL 2021 Season 1

PEL 2021 Season 1

Day 2 of the second week of the “Peacekeeper Elite League,” PEL 2021 Season 1 and fan favorite Nova XQF is at the top of the leaderboard.

The tournament’s top five teams qualified for the weekly finals on Day 1 of the tournament (Day 3 and 4 of Week 2).

On Day 2 of Week 2, teams ranked sixth through fifteenth, as well as the bottom five teams from the previous week, competed in five matches for ten spots in the weekly finals. The bottom five teams from today will proceed to Day 2 (elimination round) next week.

PEL 2021 Season 1 Week 2 Day 2 standing

Day 2 of PEL 2021 Season 1 began with Four Angry Men winning on Miramar with five kills. Nova XQF, on the other hand, blew everyone away with their aggressive gameplay, securing 26 points by eliminating 14 enemies to the lobby, with Order alone taking 6 kills and Paraboy and Jimmy each taking 4 kills.

The second match on Miramar was won by Team SMG with eleven kills, followed by Team Weibo with eight kills. All Gamers took the third match on map Sanhok with nine eliminations, and followed by Team Game with eight kills.

All Gamers won the fourth match on Erangel with seven kills, followed by LGD with eight kills. The fifth and final match on map Erangel was won by Team Weibo with five eliminations, and followed by 4 AM with eight kills.

Nova XQF led the way at the end of Day 2 of Week 2 of the PEL 2021 Season 1 with 32 kills and 61 points, followed by Team Weibo with 24 kills and 57 points. ACT is third in the standings with 23 kills and 53 points. Popular team 4 AM came back strongly in the final match to finish tenth and qualify for the weekly finals.

Qualified teams for the Week 2 Finals 

1. DKG

2. Q9

3. TEC

4. Show Time

5. Nova Esports

6. Team weibo (WBG)

7. ACT

8. SMG

9. All Gamers

10. STE

11. Team PAI

12. RNG

13. The chosen

14. TJB

15. 4am