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Tyloo won first place in the Perfect World Asia League 2020 Summer standings

Perfect World Asia League 2020 Summer

Perfect World Asia League 2020 Summer

YuLun “⁠Summer⁠” Cai and his teammates had a convincing group stage finish with 8 wins and only lost 1 match, taking first place in the play-offs against horned opponents. like: ViCi and Invictus at the RMR tournament for Asia – Perfect World Asia League 2020 Summer.

Tyloo excellently won first place – Perfect World Asia League 2020 Summer

TYLOO returned with a lineup of all Chinese players in April, after Seon-Ho “⁠xeta⁠” Son and WingHei “⁠Freeman⁠” Cheung left the team out of concern about CORONA-Virus, but not so that they lost the leading position in Asia with the addition of 2 young players: Kelun “⁠SLOWLY⁠” Sun and Zhenghao “⁠DANK1NG⁠” Lv.

They once allowed the team from Mongolia – TIGER to rise to the first RMR tournament in May: ESL One: Road to Rio in Asia. But now TYLOO has completely regained their dominance with winning at major regional tournaments: DreamHack Masters Spring2020 and qualifying ESL Pro League S12.

Perfect World Asia League 2020 Summer

Coming to Asia League 2020 Summer, TYLOO had a series of 5 wins against their compatriot ViCi, and had another convincing victory in the group stage, then defeated Erdenetsogt “⁠ erkaSt⁠ “TIGER’s Gantulga … The only team that won against China was Team Invictus, together with the aforementioned two teams, ViCi and TIGER, shared the remaining 3 positions of the top 4 out of 8. The team will participate in the play-offs.

The bottom half of the rankings are teams including Thailand’s Lucid Dream and Beyond; Mong13’s D13 team and Love’s “⁠havoK⁠” Paras – Divine Vendetta squad. The last two teams in the rankings are Bren and Mazaalai, they will leave the tournament with a $ 2000 bonus but no additional RMR points at all.

Play-offs will take place this weekend in the Bo3 format, with schedules for the next matches of Perfect World Asia League 2020 Summer.

Friday, July 17

12:00: Invictus vs D13

14:30: ViCi vs Lucid Dream

17:00: TYLOO vs Divine Vendetta

19:30: TIGER vs Beyond