July 30, 2021


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Perfectly start in jungle position with Lillia spirit blossom

Lillia spirit blossom in 10.15 update

Lillia spirit blossom in 10.15 update

League of Legends has released the 10.15 update, which has officially landed in many countries around the world and we can finally hold the 149th general Lillia spirit blossom of League of Legends.

Lillia spirit blossom in 10.15 update
Lillia in 10.15 update 

With our versatile skill set, of course, we can use Lillia spirit blossom in many different positions but since it was originally designed for the jungle position, this will definitely help Lillia spirit blossom maximizes its power. In this article, let’s analyze the direction of an effective jungle start for this champion.


Before analyzing together, if you still have not had the opportunity to learn about the skills of Lillia spirit blossom, please take some time to learn in the following article before proceeding to the next content.

Lillia spirit blossom is designed as a masterpiece
blossom is designed as a masterpiece

Designed to be a jungle champion, Lillia spirit blossom is provided with a set of skills with both Q and W that can deal with large area damage so she can clear the jungle quickly. In addition, with her Passive Mace, Lillia spirit blossom can deal damage over time to targets without the need of Red Charm.

Although not capable of passing terrain like other common generals, the passive of Q gives Lillia spirit blossom another terrifying weapon: movement speed. With a base speed of 330 and 5 passive stacks, the movement speed of the Lillia spirit blossom has exceeded 400 without the need to equip boots. This speed allows her to quickly move to different locations on the map as well as fly kites with ease. Q’s cooldown is only 4s, accumulating all 5 passive is not difficult at all.


As analyzed above, Lillia’s spirit blossom was able to eat the buff to start with without the help of her allies and even without Punishment. However, no matter which forest area you choose to start in, give yourself the first Q to gain the inner acceleration of this ability.

With your passive, you can choose to start in the blue buff area to soon have the ability to increase the amount of energy recovery so Lillia spirit blossom can freely spam her skills. Lillia spirit blossom can afford to take this buff herself without the help of her bot lane with her kite flying ability but if you are not confident enough with your skills, call for a help team. Make use of the outer ring of Q when attacking a target to deal true damage.

The use of techniques affects the power of Lillia spirit blossom
The use of techniques affects the power

After getting this charm and level 2, immediately give yourself the W, now you can confidently clear the jungle in your forest quickly with abundant energy and two moves Widespread damage mode. In addition to taking advantage of the outer ring of Q skill, try to aim so that many monsters are located near the center of W skill to deal more damage. After clearing the wolves and the bird sanctuary, you can proceed to invade the side of the Green Charm forest by your ability to clear the forest, your superior movement speed, and the abundant blood and energy or Continue to eat red charms and advance to the rocks.

If you choose to start in the red buff area, although being able to eat on your own will be difficult and require more kite-flying skills as well as not having abundant energy to use the skill but in return, you will be able to increase the burn damage over time and slow down the target, which makes it easier for you to fly kites and clear jungle monsters quickly. After defeating this enchantment, you can proceed to grab the stony ground first and then go to the bird park to facilitate the way to move to the forest above the map. Let’s start with the wolves and then Green Charms and Toad Mutant.