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Persona 5 Royal Guide – How To Romance Kasumi (Part 1)

Persona 5 Royal Guide

Persona 5 Royal brings in a host of new characters and the story rhythm makes it a unique experience. One of such characters is Kasumi Yoshizawa. This eloquent and intelligent gymnast has supported Joker multiple times throughout the campaign. This Persona 5 Royal Guide will help you how to romance Kasumi

Play the Game Normally till 5/30

Persona 5 Royal Guide

At the start of Persona 5 Royal guide, the player is shown an introduction to Kasumi’s character. She assists the Joker in battle just minutes after the game. While she’s one of the earliest playable characters in this version of Persona 5, she’s not available as Confessor for a while.

Players will want to focus on gameplay as usual until May 30. At this point, Kasumi is introduced as a Confidant through the pace of the story. Since it’s part of a campaign, there’s no need to worry about missing her first Social Links ranking.

Keep Track of Which Days – Persona 5 Royal guide

While Kasumi’s first Social Link rank unlocks automatically, the others will take some time to become available. Be sure to keep an eye on her ranked days open, as players must complete the following Confidential ratings before the base game content ends:

  • Unlock confidant Rank 2 on 6/8
  • Unlock Confidant Rank 3 on 6/29
  • Unlock Confidant Rank 4 on 7/31
  • Unlock Confidant Rank 5 on 8/7

Earlier in the game, the player could focus on completing other dungeons and completing other prerequisites in order to get to the real ending.

Progress Toward True Ending

Persona 5 Royal Guide

To romance Kasumi, the player must advance to the True Ending as Persona 5 Royal guide. One of the prerequisites for doing this involves reaching certain milestones with two other Confidants with Social Links new to Royal – Goro Akechi whose Justice Arcana must climb to Rank 8 and Takuto Maruki who had to reach Rank 9 with his Arcana Councilor.

Some of these will require higher social stats, so players will want to spend some spare time raising their Knowledge and Charm to avoid colliding with any roadblocks along the way.

Reach Confidant Rank 5

Persona 5 Royal Guide

Although Kasumi’s Confidential Leaderboard unlocks intermittently, there is still time to complete her Arcana. Joker needs to max his Arcana by 12/18. This is right before the end of the base game. Thankfully, her max Confidential Rating is 5 until after this point, meaning there’s plenty of room left.

Just settle the ranks as they become available, and there’s no need to worry about failing. Leave some time aside on designated days, as it can be easy to get bogged down with too much activity in Persona 5 Royal.

Reject Igor’s Proposal – Persona 5 Royal guide

On Christmas Eve, Igor proposes a solution to the tinged hearts of the people of Tokyo. He suggests that Joker allows them to be ignorant while remaining heroes. Although his offer may seem tantalizing, refuse.

Accepting this offer will immediately trigger one of the game’s bad endings, halting any progress the player has made so far. This means that even if all the other prerequisites for the ending were indeed unlocked along the way, this one mistake would undo everything. Reject Igor and defeat him. If all necessary steps have been done, the third semester will start.