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Persona 5 Royal guide: Some changes in Royal

Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal is an even bigger version of an already massive game. There’s plenty to do and lots of new activities, features, and characters for current and new Persona 5 fans to enjoy. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the biggest changes in the game. 

New Confidants – Persona 5 Royal

There are two main new characters in Persona 5 Royal: Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki.

Persona 5 Royal

Both of these characters have their own Confidant rank and give the Joker special abilities. Kasumi is a new member of the party that starts appearing in the story early on but won’t join the player party until the end of Royal. Maruki is a school counselor who appears shortly after the player completes the first Palace.

Although not the Confidant, there is also a boy named Jose, whom the player meets inside the Metaverse. He will offer a special shop and a new collectible hunt inside the Mementos.

In the game, players will also need to manually strengthen their relationship with Goro Akechi by spending time with him.

More School – Persona 5 Royal

Much of the new content comes right after the final dungeon in the original Persona 5. Where the game usually ends in December, players now stay until the end of January. This includes a semester. other, though short, of the school.

This semester includes everything you’d expect from the rest of the school year, but with a strange twist on the world surrounding the Phantom Thief. Players will need to answer classroom and crossword puzzles for another month.

New Activities

In Persona 5 Royal, players can visit a new area Kichijoji. This new area has some new activities, like the ability to play darts to improve your Baton Pass fighting with certain allies.

Players now have more time staying at home to improve their Social Stats by watching movies or playing classic games on TV. Giving them time for the day to hang out with friends. The player can also invite Caroline and Justine to hang out in various locations around Tokyo – although this will not increase Confidential Strength.

More Intricate Palaces

The Palace – the dungeon version of Persona 5 – has a few new elements in the game. Bosses are a bit more difficult, Joker has a new grappling hook to pull him up and around, and players can find three Seeds of Will hidden in each location.

Persona 5 Royal

Will Seeds are collected items scattered throughout the Palace. Players will need to hunt them down as they move. Collecting all three creates a powerful accessory that often has unique effects for party members. Players can upgrade the Will Seed accessories by visiting Jose in the Mementos.

There are also powerful new move duos between characters. These Showtime attacks appear when an enemy or party member is low on health. This move takes one action and calls upon the friendships of your party members for a super-powerful duo move. And the animations of these moves are some of the best in this game.

The Thieves Den – Persona 5 Royal

First, in Royal, the player will unlock Thieves Den. This is a new place where players can roam around and show off their in-game achievements. It’s a unique way for players to customize their experience.

Persona 5 Royal

Players can purchase statues of bosses and allied characters as well as decorate their Thieves Den.

The Thieves Den also has a new minigame to play with your party members. There are unique artworks and moves to purchase with coins – earned from completing challenges – that players can hang on their walls.