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Phantom Lancer – The return when changing skills – Mini-Guide DOTA 2

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer

After being redone of his kit, Phantom Lancer became more balanced and was selected again for competitive matches. Let’s learn about how to play the new Phantom Lancer through the Guide DOTA 2 tutorial.

Previously, it could be said that Phantom Lancer‘s not a weak carrier but this guy is easily countered in the beginning and is not very suitable for the metagame so the appearance of Phantom in DOTA competitive matches, therefore, more and more sparse. However, after revamping his skill set, many people think that the Phantom Lancer‘ll return to being a hot carrier and most likely will become a new phenomenon in the professional DOTA 2 arena.

Let’s find out how to play Phantom through the Guide DOTA 2 guide below.


  • Strength: 21 (+ 1.7 / level)
  • Agility: 29 (+ 3.0 / level)
  • Intelligence: 21 (+ 2.0 / level)
  • Base HP (Level 1/25): 454/1651
  • Mana: 549/1689
  • Damage: 51-73 / 143-165
  • Range: melee
  • Armor: 4.06 / 16.94
  • Movement speed: 290

To assess Phantom Lancer, we can see clearly that the amount of starting damage is quite large, the health is average but the armor is quite good, making the Phantom Lancer easily gain the advantages of the ability to last-hit, deny as well as combat in the beginning.

However, the amount of strength plus on a low level makes Phantom more prone to anemia in the middle and late game. So try to get one or two items that can withstand Phantom in the middle and late game.


To begin with, Spirit Lance, when Phantom Lancer launches a magic spear at his opponent. Slows his movement speed and summons an additional shadow to attack him. Spirit Lance has Range of use: 750, Damage: 100/150/200/250, Movement speed reduced: 10/20/30/40%. Incoming damage to the ball: 400%, Damage caused by the ball: 20%, Time of survival: 2/4/6/8s, Slow time: 3.25s. 

The second skill is Doppelganger, Phantom Lancer disappeared at a standing position. Along with the surrounding shadows appeared at the designated position around it. At the same time will create 2 more shadows, one shadow will take damage as normal as Phantom Lancer. But do not deal damage, the remaining shadow will receive 600% of incoming damage and deal 20% of Phantom Lancer’s damage. Phantom Rush is a skill to help Phantom Lancer when attacking a target. Phantom Lancer and his shadows will rush towards the target.

Finally, with Juxtapose’s skill, Phantom Lancer’s attacks with his shadow are capable of creating additional shadows. The shadow created by the Phantom Lancer can last for 8 seconds. While the shadow created by his shadow lasts for 4s. Phantom Lancer’s shadow ratio: 40% / 45% / 50%, Shadow ratio: 8%. Maximum number of balls to divide: 5/7/9, Maximum number of balls to divide: 5/7/9, Damage caused by the ball: 16%. 


You should maximize the Spirit Lance first to get the ganking skills and lane control. Doppelganger skills should be increased by one point at the beginning to dodge skills. Calling more balls when needed to fight. However, because the effect when leveling up is not very high. You should only increase it when you have maximized other skills.

Phantom Rush is a skill that should be prioritized after the Spirit Lance. Because it gives the Phantom the ability to reach targets to destroy. Not only that but rushing to attack also gives Phantom the ability to farm safely while standing in the lane. Ultimate needs to be leveled up properly.