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Phoenix Point Guide – Beginner’s Tips You Should know

Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point

Created by Julian Gollop – Creator of the original X-Com series – Phoenix Point could be the closest thing to the third entry in the XCOM series as Firaxis works on Marvel’s midnight sun. The core mechanics will feel familiar to fans of the original series and reboot, but the game brings enough of its ideas into the genre to make for an interesting and complex strategy game of its own.

Play The Tutorial – Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point

It may seem obvious but making sure that the tutorial quest has a tick next to it is the first thing a player should do before starting a new game. The game is comparable to the XCOM series but the interface will still take some getting used to.

Therefore, taking a moment in the tutorial to play around with the menus and options before entering the main campaign is advisable. This is a game designed for PC, and some of these controls didn’t translate seamlessly to the controller. However, they will become second nature in time, so messing around as much as possible during the tutorial missions will give players the familiarity of the game.

The Speed On Geoscape

Geoscape is a view of the planet and this is where the majority of the game’s strategy is implemented. Tactical missions and points of interest become available for players to explore.

However, the timing is in essence Phoenix Point to control the pace of the game will go a long way in helping some of the micromanagers involved. One hour passes per second at the default speed but at the slowest, which is five minutes per second. Of course, if someone wants to speed up the game, they adjust the settings so that five hours will pass every second.

Medical Bay

On the battlefield, it won’t be long before players notice that some of their soldiers are injured in the middle of missions. So building a medical bay will go a long way to improving the strength of Project Phoenix.

Unremarkable, having a medical facility will mean that the player’s soldiers will be able to return to the fray as soon as possible. It is also recommended to build and maintain living areas to restore their will and determination.

Research Is Important – Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point

For soldiers and the player’s ability to improve, research projects are important to turn Tide into combat. There are main campaign research quests, faction research, reverse engineering, and Pandoran research.

All research modes are useful to the player and many of these modes will be introduced in the main story. However, it’s a good idea to keep the research flowing to give soldiers an edge on the battlefield.

Sarab Vehicle – Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point

Scarab is an armored personal vehicle capable of striking long distances with missiles and carrying troops to their destination. In addition, it can cover more platforms on a map, smashing obstacles, as a result breaking barriers and revealing enemy locations.

This is also a great way to evacuate wounded soldiers in battle or keep them protected from an attack on the battlefield. It’s an invaluable asset that gives players the world over in a wide range of situations.