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Valorant – Guide To Play Agent Sova In Valorant



Sova is a Valorant character, one of the best scouts in the game thanks to his ability to allow him to find and mark opponents.

His entire kit is built around finding enemies and marking them for your allies. Sova’s unique ability is Recon Bolt, which allows him to find the location of enemies. Even if his scan is empty, you can still use it to narrow down the position of the enemy.

He provides a good amount of flexibility for both attack and defense, so he can fit most squads on both maps.

Sova ’s Owl Drone skill


Sova is equipped with a drone. You can control this device remotely and can see everything in a very wide field of view. While flying, you can shoot darts from this scouting device and temporarily reveal the location of the target hit.

You can shoot it multiple times but it has a long cooldown so you’ll need to shoot early and try to make the drone last long enough.

The enemy can shoot down this device, so try to gather information quickly.

Shock Bolt skill

Equip and fire an arrow of lightning that deals AoE (splash damage). The closer an agent is to the explosion, the more damage it will take. You will also be damaged but less than the enemy.

You can customize the arrow out of the surface up to twice by right-clicking (press 1 bouncing 1 time, press this 2 times 2 times). The shooting distance depends on how long you retract the arrow based on the three distances you set – a horizontal bar on the top of the image shows you this.

This ability is hoarded up to 2 times and costs 100 gold each round.

Sova ’s Recon Bolt skill


Firing an arrow of sound waves when it touches an object it will radiate 3 waiting for sound waves to reveal all enemies in that radius. Both you and your team can detect it.

Reon Bold’s firing mechanism is the same as with Shock Bold. You can completely adjust the distance or the number of bounces on the surface of the arrow.

However, this skill will not detect enemies hiding behind obstacles. And this arrow can be shot down or destroyed when it clings to people or surfaces.

Hunter’s Fury

Sova fires three super arrows through the terrain in a straight line, dealing massive damage and revealing any enemies caught.

However, the enemy can easily see the bullet path you are about to shoot to dodge. But you can combine your skills with your team to get accurate shots.

How to play Sova in Valorant

Communication is the key when using reconnaissance aircraft. You can facilitate pushing and give your team the advantage of scouting around corners and other places where enemies may be hiding.

Your Recon Bolt skill is very difficult to detect the position of the enemy. They can hide behind obstructions to see where they are. Good players will shoot it towards the fighting area to detect the number of enemies appearing there.

On the flip side, you can also be creative in using your Recon arrows to fake that you’re pushing because enemies can expect that you’re spying before your team pushes.

Sova works well with other agents like Sage as she can slow down enemies with her Slow Orb to set up Hunter’s Fury shots to be truly accurate.