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Overwatch – Instructions to play Brigitte in Overwatch


play Brigitte in Overwatch

Brigitte was the youngest daughter of Torbjörn and was godfather to Reinhardt Wilhelm and also an Overwatch member.

She was the first child in Torbjörn to be interested in machines. She spends a lot of time in her father’s workshop. She is expected to succeed her father. Everything changes when she is inspired by heroic and knight stories from her godfather, Reinhardt.

Before Reinhardt began his own adventure after the fall of Overwatch, she wanted to be his guardian. He agreed and she soon became the 27th hero in Overwatch.

When should Brigitte be used?


Brigitte can combo extremely well with Reinhardt, as she can use Reinhardt’s shield to enhance protection and deal damage to heal. She may also protect him from enemy Reinhardt, as her Shield Bash passes through an opponent’s shield. After launching Shield Bash, it is possible to launch a quick Whip Shot and knock out the opponent Reinhardt behind, thereby creating space for your team.

She can also protect herself from flankers like Genji and Tracer thanks to the Whipshot duo and Shield Bash, but good players keep their distance and try to use their agility to draw her health from either side – places not covered by her small shield.

Her ability to pump armor is also very beneficial. Her Ultimate is great for fighting opponents. Armor halves the amount of damage, so the opponent will have to be very tired to pull the blood while she can continue to heal with his hand attack.

Here is a summary of Brigitte’s skills:

  • Rocket Flail – her melee weapon can attack at a distance, allowing her to attack multiple opponents at once with a single swing.
  • Rocket Pack – she tosses Repair Pack to heal allies. If healing is beyond the maximum amount of health of the target, Repair Pack will grant extra armor (75 armor will disappear after 5 seconds)
  • Whip Shot – She throws her mace in a far distance, damaging and knocking her opponent away from her position.
  • Barrier Shield – She creates an energy shield in front of her to absorb damage.
  • Shield Bash – When the Barrier Shield is used, Brigitte can charge forward to stunning the enemy.
  • Inspire – When she hits her opponent with a club, she can heal allies.
  • Rally – She moves faster and heals all nearby ally, this armor will last until it is destroyed.

“I will prove myself!”


Brigitte’s ultimate is Rally. When turned on, Rally will increase her speed, but more importantly, it begins to armor all of its 7-meter allies at a rate of 45 armor every 0.5 seconds, to a maximum of 150 total armor. Armor will not disappear until the ally is attacked.

This skill is obviously a convenient defense, just like the answer against the Ultimate enemy. But it can also be combined with other Ultimate to proactively push thanks to the armor and speed she receives.

The extra armor won’t go away like the Repair Pack is a big benefit. The enemy will have to return to fight with the team with a small amount of armor, making Rally twice as effective.