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PUBG Mobile: 3 Tips for Playing at the Erangel Frost Festival!

Frost Festival

December has started, and it is nearing the end of the year that games have already released their events. Most of the events that are usually presented to welcome Christmas events with the theme of snow, and so on. Like last year, we were shown by the very fun Blizzard mode, and in that mode there are features of skiing, hot packs, and so on. On this occasion, PUBG Mobile issued the Frost Festival Event which is an ongoing event at PUBG Mobile.

Frost Festival

This event changes a part of the city of Erangel, especially in the waters where there will be chunks of ice where players can drop there. For that, We will share some tips for you to play at this Erangel Frost Festival!

Before getting into the tips, know one thing that in this mode the Erangel map will remain as usual, and nothing has changed.

Notice the Castle Logo on the Map

For those of you who want to experience this event, you can go down on the ice chunks with the castle logo, that’s where you can loot.

 Usually there are not so many snow castles in this map event, the maximum is only 2 – 3 and always located at the end of the map. So, make sure you are ready for war if you go down in one of these castles, because looting is only in the castle.

Prioritize Looting in the Castle

Among all the chunks of ice on the Erangel event map, loots only appear in the ice castle. So if you are hoping to find other weapons outside the castle, don’t expect! The loot inside the castle is very good, unlike in Erangel maps in general.

So make sure you go down to the ice castle first, so you can get lots of kill points for your rank!

Use Skis on the Ice Plains – Frost Festival

Frost Festival

If you are aware, the ski feature has appeared again, and this time you can do scraping quickly on the ice plains. Usually ice castles are in the middle of the sea, which requires you to walk some distance to get to the mainland.

Use skis for mobility, because on ice plains, skiing is very fast and easy to use to help your trip.

So, those are some tips that you can try playing the PUBG Mobile Frost Festival! Stay tuned for more news and updates!