April 22, 2021


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Mortal Kombat 11: Basic guide for Playing character Kung Lao

Kung Lao

Kung Lao

Kung Lao is a rushdown character with great attack pressure and high damage combo. In his Lotus Fist variant, he receives an Orbital Cap that powers his attack and defense but requires a large number of resources. In his Hat Tricks variant, he receives the Z Hat, which increases the set’s ability. His Order of Light variant gives him additional zoning tools to keep opponents away.

Combo Starters of Kung Lao

Kung Lao

All Kung Lao combos can be started using any move and link it to Spin (Down direction + 1). His Spin is incredibly powerful because it doesn’t need a clock to combine. If Amplified, the Spin will move farther and deal more damage in combo attacks. Spins must be Amplified to combine after attacks like Progress + 1,3.

Combo Enders of Kung Lao

His combos can be ended with Tien + 1.2 for the kill advantage, or Up + Forward + 3 + Down + 4 for maximum damage. Combinations can also be terminated with Forward + 4 to Hat Tricks (DownBack + 1) in his Lotus Fist variant, or Forward + 4 to Hat Z (Back Down + 1) in Hat Tricks variant to set create.

Step Punch

His main move to use in foot discipline is his Step Punch (Forward + 1). Forward + 1 is a mid attack that moves up to 10 frames that can cause pressure. A + 1 transition can result in 2 different strings. To be safe, Kung Lao can use Forward + 1,2 to take down the opponent and leave him at -7 when blocking. Also, he can use Forward + 1, 3 which can deal more damage as it can be combined into Amplification Spin. However, if Forward + 1, 3 is blocked, he will be fined at -19.

There are many ways to counter an opponent who is trying to punish Forward + 1, 3. If he uses Forward + 1,3, Up + 2, the last attack can interrupt the opponent from their attack. Be wary as the final blow can also be interrupted or blocked completely. Another option is to use a special move like Hat Toss (BackForward + 2) or Spin (DownForward + 1) after Forward + 1,3 and Amplify it.

While not safe, the opponent must predict the Special Move that will be used for punishment. In his Lotus Fist variant, using Orbiting Hat (DownBack + 1) after Forward + 1,3 will allow Kung Lao to be safe. If taken at maximum range, the Orbital Hat will bounce off and surround him, which can then be used to strike.

Order of Light

Kung Lao

His Order of Light (1, 2, 1) is a multi-hit attack that mainly uses close range. An interesting note about this chain is that it doesn’t appear on the block. This means he will only use the entire chain if it hits the target and only uses 1, 2 if it is blocked. In blocks, 1, 2 will keep him safe at -5 and possibly staggered with Orbital Hats in his Lotus Fist variant.

It’s important to always enter 1, 2, 1 in case the string hits. 1, 2, 1 are best used when making throw-in because the opponent can find it difficult to defend against the line and avoid being thrown. In addition, 1, 2, 1 will allow Kung Lao to swap positions with the opponent. This is useful when performing combos to reverse position and cornering the opponent.